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Friday Night Live Episode 19 for 10/24/08 :: This weeks Top 10 Box Office Movies :: 1) Max Payne making $17,639,849 2) Beverly Hills Chihuahua making $11,422,425 3) The Secret Life of Bees making $10,527,799 4) W. making $10,505,668 5) Eagle Eye making $7,029,718 6) Body of Lies making $6,824,259 7) Quarantine making $6,084,580 8) Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist making $3,693,384 9) Sex Drive making $3,607,164 10) Nights in Rodanthe making $2,657,440 Laura Ashley's T.V. News Crusoe made its debut last Friday, and from what I've heard it was really great. It's on every Friday at 9P.M. on NBC. Game two of the World Series delivered 12.8 million viewers, as the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Philadelphia Phillies, the final score was 4-2. The game was the lowest rated series game ever, and it now stands as the least- viewed in World Series history. Dancing with the stars, competition is every Monday at 8P.M. and elimination is every Tuesday at 9P.M. on ABC. It has been intense with several people getting injured. They have been doing new dances that are very hard and they have also been doing some difficult tricks. Julianne Hough was taken to the hospital right after her performance on Oct. 21st because she was having stomach pains. Misty-May Treanor ruptured her Achilles heel tendon during a practice session. There have also been many sprained ankles. Austin's Pick of the Week:, and :: Magic gadget with Magic Matt :: The G1 Phone - Has Google Street View - Has a lot of cool features Austin's Music Update: -Eminem's New Song =Bono in the paper! Laura Ashley's Celebrity News Today, Friday October 24th, Jennifer Hudsons 57 year old mother and her brother were found shoot to death. They were found in her mother's home on the south side of Chicago. The shooting at this time is believed to be domestic. Poor Jennifer Hudson, having her mom and brother killed by someone in their own family. Angelina Jolie was recently asked if she was going to get married to Brad. She says that the kids keep questioning them and asking them if Fiona and Shrek are married why aren't they. She says that she does want to get married to Brad but Brad says that he won't marry her until gay marriage is officially legal. I hope we see Brad and Angelina get married soon, no matter what. Lindsay Lohan has been kicked off of Ugly Betty. Sources say that she was always late, having a bad diva attitude, and causing drama on the set. Lindsay was cut from an agreed upon six episodes to only four.