From COVID to Afghanistan Withdrawl; and We're LIVE!


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S04 - E83 | This week, Zac, Trent and Barrett go live on (Facebook) (again) thanks to the genius of NiqueTheGeek and the G.O.T. Sounds Studio ( ( in Columbia, South Carolina! COVID-19 is on the rise again. Masks don't seem to be being stressed as they probably should be. The politics behind this ongoing pandemic are hampering our ability to get ourselves out of dark. President Biden dropped the ball on our responsibilities to the Afghani people. We give our opinions on what has happened over the last couple weeks, including the withdrawal of troops. We believe we have a responsibility to the interpreters and translators that our country has left behind. All of that, and more! As always, the show is Recorded Live from the G.O.T. Sound Studio in Columbia, South Carolina! Please Subscribe, Rate and Review! We really want your feed back on the show. Visit Us; ( ( You can find details on how you can become a Patron at the top of our homepage! Support this podcast