From Orphan to CEO


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On this episode of Totally Exposed I got to sit down and chat with the incredible Manny Lopez.  He is the CEO of Learn with Manny and Mannyfestation School of Business where he offers mentorship to teach others how to build their brands through serving others to success!  Here we discuss how to build a business by tracking data, the 3 E's and through A-R-T.  We also explore his passion for helping kids who are aging out of the foster care system, as Manny himself was a foster kid and went from orphan to CEO.  Manny lives in CA with his wife and 3 kids where he devotes his time to creating a lifestyle of being #tooblessedtobestressed while creating opportunities for his network of over 30,000 business professionals worldwide!  So tune in and get ready to learn with Manny....pen and paper is highly recommended!