Gait Hires Pietramala As Syracuse Defensive Coordinator, LaxFactor Player Awards For 2021 (LaxFactor Podcast #166)


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OK, so news first, Gary Gait, Syracuse's new head coach, only the 5th in the programs history, wasted no time making headlines in hiring Dave Pietramala, former adversary, and long time head coach at Cuse rival Johns Hopkins. Pietramala is one of the most storied players and coaches in the game. Largely considered the greatest defensive lacrosse player in the history of the sport, Petro has won national titles as both a player at Hopkins and as a coach (2005 and 2007). So this hire is huge news. Potentially huge because it's possible both of Pietramala's sons could end up ditching North Carolina for Syracuse as well now that this change has been made. My sources are telling me it's pretty much a done deal, but we'll see. And it's also time to put the 2021 NCAA season to rest with our end of the year player awards, so here is the "LaxFactor All NCAA Lacrosse Squad" as well as my player of the year awards... Attack Jared Bernhardt (Maryland) Michael Sowers (Duke) Chris Gray (North Carolina) Midfield Jack Hannah (Denver) Kevin Rogers (High Point) Graham Bundy Jr. (Georgetown) SSDM Danny Logan (Denver) Roman Puglise (Maryland) LSM Jared Conners Specialist Petey LaSalla (Virginia, FO) Defense Will Bowen (North Carolina) Jack Kielty (Notre Dame) JT Giles-Harris (Duke) Goalie Colin Kirst (Rutgers) Rookie Of The Year Brennan O'Neil (Duke) Breakout Player Of The Year Conner Shellenberger (Virginia) LaxFactor Biggest Balls Of Them All Awards Alex Rode (Virginia, Goalie) --- Support this podcast: