Go Flix Yourself Episode 129 - One Minute or Less


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Go Flix Yourself

TV & Film

We’re back with a new episode! How crazy is that! We recorded it remotely, which means we recorded it inside of a remote control. Or at least that’s what it might sound like. Honestly, the sound isn’t that bad, though the volume might be a little louder. We wanted to keep some consistency from the old show, so the audio is still crap! Anyway, we’ve got Dan and Roni Skubal back for our first remote episode, and we watch that trailers for The Lovebirds (MURDER AND LOVE!), Scoob! (ZOINKS!), The Wrong Missy (AND THE WRONG DECADE!), and Capone (MAFIA MAN WITH THE FACE OF SCARS!) Plus, we realize that we forgot to talk about the movies we saw, pay a visit to Dr. Pepper to help with the pandemic, and imagine a Venom sequel with hardcore symbiote banging.