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Gordon Rochford – S2E7New Media Lab with Rob Southgate       On this episode, Rob’s special guest Gordon Rochford from the Those Conspiracy Guys Podcast. Gordon's website: thoseconspiracyguys.com Gordon's Twitter:  https://twitter.com/tconspiracyguys Contact Gordon at info@thoseconspiracyguys.com R Find our social media and directory links all in one place at linktr.ee/NewMediaLab Learn more, subscribe, or contact us at newmedialab.smgpods.com.   You can write to us at southgatesmallbusiness@gmail.com and let us know what you think. 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I love this question and i think this this really is going to help me kind of meditate and grow on it want to hear the answers checkout season. Two of new media lab with robert southgate new episodes leads every tuesday available on spotify. I tunes google podcast and wherever you subscribe to your favorite podcasts welcome back to another episode of new media medialab. I've got a fan tastic episode for you today before we get into who my guest is. Let me introduce myself. I'm your host robert southgate southgate and i am so honored that you have decided to join me as promise last time. I have a great interview for you today. Some of you may know this person and for those of you that don't it is my pleasure to be the one to introduce you to him. My guest is gordon rochford from those conspiracy guys podcast. It is a fantastic show that is totally crushing it after my conversation with gordon i can see why this is the interview that i mentioned in the last episode as s. Having over two hours of additional content which i will be placing on our patriotic page for our subscribers what i pitched the idea of an interview to each of our guests i told him i had ten questions and that the total time commitment would be a maximum of maybe twenty five minutes. Gordon kept me on the phone for almost three hours and it was mind blowing he shared tips and secrets no-one else did he was so forthcoming and honest about his podcast journey. I couldn't imagine cutting him off one of the thing i'll tell you about gordon and his podcast those conspiracy guys is it completely ignores the rules and is unapologetic attic about it before we get to the interview. I do have a little business to take care of. I we have a patriotic page which i just mentioned where you can directly support this show and help keep us going every month. I share patriotic only content like the additional two hours of gordon's interview just for you. The patrons please please go to patriot dot com backslash new media lab and choose your tear. It's a great way to support the show and help keep the lights on here at southgate media group a show like this is best with the audience and host or engaged with each other in other words. Get in conversation with me either through email facebook twitter instagram patriotic or any place else you can find me. The email for this show is southgate small business at gmail.com. Send me your questions. Send send me your comments. I promise i will respond you can find new media lab on facebook by searching at new media lab xo or you can follow me on twitter at our southgate or an instagram at rob southgate. Our networks website is southgate. Media group dot com where you can find this as well as over the hundred other podcasts that i'm an executive producer on plus blogs videos and so much more finally follower newest endeavor on twitter at indie podcast project and be sure to use the hashtag support indie podcasts when posting your own shows or sharing anything. That's podcast related okay enough with the business. Let's get on with this interview so gordon. Can you describe your podcast. Yeah mytalk passes those conspiracy guys and it's a a conversational conspiracy show where we take some of the classic conspiracies like nine eleven sasquatch. Ask watch these usual fair. We also do political and cultural analysis on discuss it in a friendly forty forty eight manner and the humor in some of the topics is like the sugar to helps the medicine go down a roundtable discussion usually with three guests and there comedians for my old life a stand up comic in dublin city in ireland and the join me we have the roundtable discussion as easily casual conversational and some of the episodes go six seven hours which seems maybe manageable for for a podcast yet people seem to love and we get another little feedback people like the conversation they like the kind of casual nature of it and we like to delve deep into all the topics so we go into what's usually on the internet is our our main fair and if there's some books or some specific knowledge that we need to guess we go look in there so the remainder of the show is to take whatever is online and examined that run our bullshit meter over us to see if it's true or not true and at the end of the show at we get off the fence and give our own personal opinion union about the information that we have to find so it's a it's approachable. 05:24 - 10:35 It's functional. We ruin our browser history so you don't have to look up stuff like jimmy. Savile at bush end the conversation under discussion like the deep discussion and taken a pirate. These theories is what people really idiot joy. When did you start podcasting. I started the idea. Those conspiracy in mid don't twenty thirteen . That's where we were doing a show. I was already already given up. Stand up comedy. Eh i was itching to perform in some way shape or form on a the two original conspiracy as we all came together and started making this show ice tacked on my own in summer twenty thirteen and i started to produce the show learning how to make websites learning how to do with podcast learning about the industry at listening today of jackson's podcast on the podcast and pasolini as well and trying to figure out like what makes you need and equipment. Could we get away with because we didn't have. I didn't have much time working part time job at a phone store job as a traditional irish music at guides ramdan city so you know it was a weird time a climate for a whole year we launched in twenty twenty fourteen in september eleventh with show on nine eleven and into . The whole first season was over before the end of twenty fourteen so what's over just over four years doing it now and it didn't take off straightway. It has grown to a behemoth now. Are you a celebrity or are there any celebrity celebrities associated with your show. I don't think i'm a celebrity but i have been stopped in the street like a bunch of times. I'll be like only got you the guy from the tang and i'm like yes. Yes i am but i always take step back because we conspiracy finds it could end up being like allows nice which is like. I love you so much stop. I don't think i've ever heard love knife before today's daytime if they can't it if i can't have you nominee will stab stab stab i think now with the amount of people that listen listen for the amount of time that they do. I think of which classes some as some sort of celebrity yeah but i don't think of myself. I'm still doing sits around in my underwear like macomb podcasts when you started your podcast. I know that you're talking about the podcast part of it but when you started do you think you were a level of celebrity already. I don't think so at all because you said you end up comedy yeah but i mean like sixty . Sixty people knew who i was like. There's there's more. There's more people at . Acute style bookstore would have known me for being a stand up lenient. You're mostly friends and stuff you know in like zero capacity was as liberty when i started winning our first couple the twenty thousand downloads amount which is huge for a new show wanted to move with data is getting those emails at the standards audits is cool on it seemed like vindication stand up here in ireland and you're doing thirty or forty people. They didn't initially buy a ticket to see just you. It was more like a showcase type things so they show up in the news just general comedy happening so you were just like a pleasant or sometimes unpleasant surprise so you have to go there. You have to win them over. It's not like you know in america you go to a comedy show on you. Have you know go go to a comedy show in l._a. You might have as eason's ari is playing and you know him and he's like oh my god we gotta get tickets to go see he's marion. You're in a place where like in ireland it doesn't work. There's just some lad telling jokes dick and you know it might end up. It might end up making a fan or someone on twitter but there's no real infrastructure. Far are the creation of celebrity in stand up comedy in ireland's. Music may be little bit different but i don't think any way successful outside of the medium podcast for the production of media. Do you think gaining audience today is the same as when you started. I don't like gin audience scanning audience of the things that are universal universal across any you know media forget an audience if you have regularity of both production and quality if you have consistency of of boats lick release schedule and of of content quality the willingness to adapt and change if you're you're you're content is gonna stay the same forever. 10:36 - 15:25 It's going to grow too big for the pasta. That's in so you're gonna have to change. revolves slowly as somehow and realize that don't do that. Don't stay successful. You see that most in music music where you know the first is like roll and it's all in the garage man and the second tends to be more heavily produced and the tar a lot of intends to veer off into some other kind of genre and they'd be changed a little bit like dylan going electric this still feel so if you're not willing to do dash a you won't be new audience because the people who could be new come to join your show. That's the same old shit. I was listening to the tree years ago. I i was given this guy a chance. Also the people are getting older. So the longer you have a show electricity black podcasts for ten years so their fans may decide to listen to my twenty if it was like you know a beer and boobs as i called him a beer and boobs by castro it's just like tree fat white guys and they talk about comic books computer games tv shows and indeed reviewed whatever beer-drinking under like color so funny man like those shows peter off very quick because the people start listening to them at twenty by the time they're not. They're like this is blue shift that yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm i'm finished with that so if you're not willing to evolve and change and develop develop and grow the audience know for me i find that a common intake her and fostering reach tipping point so if you've read their wonderful the book the tipping point you he had tell you that at some point you don't have to do you don't have to enact that same. They don't have to do that still does the same way not to wholesalers hired so at the very restart we report you know social media post. I have what they call the integrated media so i had like it's a grand plans that ended up being way too much like i made a plan at the very start in that first year of five people's equals work like i i already had a whole production companies job in my head so like i wanted to put an episode on nine eleven. Let's and then have every points is like twenty points in that show that we talk about i wanted to have it's either a website article. Social media posts posting the source article got information from our a ah video x. going deeper into more the visual aspects of something like we were talking on the nine level on for example at the way the towers fall tulsa small coming at the site on the pike acid . It'd be better if he could look cat is happening while i'm describing go at the end of that video on youtube go and if you wanna hear is going to this in-depth head over to our podcast listen to the whole team so it's the youtube people people are being directed to the podcast podcast per being directed to youtube people who are looking stuff on google would find it into website and then there's the directed either youtube or to podcasts castillo is all this integration that i had been from the very very start. This is going to be a huge multi media. Yeah endeavor all podcast should try to at least have some element to that because if you're not podcast with no supporting the media the only way people are going to is going to be in their podcast up by typing in either. Your podcast name are the topic of your show so for the very start. I think a lot of our audience came in for the madeleine mccann case off you know about that. I don't know it's a little girl who went missing in in portugal in two thousand seven and it was a whole big thing about people think that her parents killed her and hid the body and there's this massive international her national search that still goes on today. It's like a gopher. A government saunderson give millions of pounds a year to the family to find this girl who disappeared more than ten years ago like it's the johnny gosh are jon benet ramsey no of portugal off the top of england because it was an english girl went missing portugal so that got us massive amounts of traffic he like huge amounts of traffic on the website so the websites post host was showing up at the top of our google searches when you typed in madeleine mccann hoax are madeleine mccann conspiracy which is a very popular term because it was still a popular case it was a hot topic topic and then that would drive people from that website into the show on when they get the shoulder like hey. 15:25 - 20:02 These guys are hilarious. What else at the so like if you were only available in are in the podcast search where you have to look at the height love your show and the titans of the show is sometimes are episode one one six. There's there's nothing in tight of to let you know what's in the show. Might maybe the description but descriptions would show up further down the search if you typed it into agents so it's like these kinds of things that you have to know and learn at the very start to get an audience straightaway so a lot of people would start to show. Its don't get a massive feedback because you know their egos. He goes said i should be getting one hundred thousand downloads not getting out of not doing this happens quite a bit and you've got you know what's it called podcast creek or whatever we're it really put a fight shows all right once a week and then like three weeks and then it's like five months and then you just don't put ghost you you yeah it's gone because they're not getting the numbers they deserve so for for our show at the stack was an awful lot of audience acquisition and retention by putting in different elements of media so people could cause. I knew the conspiracy has into their watching this stuff on youtube this huge long four five six hour documentaries and they want to be able to disseminate that information with someone so we do at florida we do the chewing and they can just swallow it as part of our podcast and now it's a big. It's a different story because there's people calling me up looking for interviews among other the shows. There's a bit of juice going on right so people know i have an audience. They want the non so we're cross pollinate and there's also like you know i've that'd be on national t._v. national radio here in ireland of been on loads of podcasts in america the u._k. In ireland as guest so i'm getting into all of those things on it's now more of that ah products that you either like or don't like it's not about me or it's not about break through us a orange color breaking through that kind of veil spiracy yeah the wall like yours. There's a whole veil just generally draft overall conspiracy podcasts and the one that pops out to you the most like i like the way those guys do so you can choose to take in last podcast on the left are if you wanted to hear tree lads make the books so we have a direct competition because it's a very similar flora greg howard with higher site chance he does one to one interviews with delays who write the books that we read and talk about it on our show. He's talking to the actual people you know and then you have the snowflake joe rogan. He gets people any get celebrities. Comedians in talk about the topics in the clinton learned format so it's like a different shade of conspiracy for everybody a now. That's where we're working on getting the audiences. This is diversifying. I'm still trying to make teased t._v. Try to make as pretty youtube channel. I branched out got into doing true crime because default under my rematch of conspiracy theory like i'm a analysis or whatever sure but they weren't strictly conspiracy conspiracy theories but i never wanted to be stricken series from this tax so i think to recap at consistent consistently improving moving quality sees the mikes were season to a little bit better seasons free way better and they were up to like pro level. Mike's but that comes with money only sold consistent quality improvement consistent innovation in the type of media product. Did you produce absolutely essential like if you keep doing the same show all the time. Maybe caroline are mac. Myron is an exception to the rule bush. Bush are johnny carson. You know david letterman. They're exceptions to the rule but if you're a podcast you're trying to maintain an audience attorney maintain interest you have to involve yourself and then for podcast and particularly irregular schedule so your tires tonight or montemar or whatever like. That's the thing when people know when they're getting if they expected they don't get you will lose audience and that's for a stat new podcast. That's hundred percent essential to success asked if you're not regular with it people think because they're not like the look on the have over a hundred episodes under like a release it when he is not stopping now. It's his full-time job bob but if you've only five episodes they're not going to invest. 20:04 - 25:01 They're trying if those ships are weeks apart. They're going to be like i dunno. It's like watching is like watching the first season of some ropy. T._v.'s like firefly or something like no one's going to watch firefly sees one now because they okay counsels yeah right. Nobody goes it is. They're like i mash so yeah. Consistency and improving quality is the main part right but getting audience what are three key things. You've done to grow your audience a stay true to myself and my own vision no matter what what people have said like audit shows too long are all you make too. Many dick jokes are you know changes to the way i like it out of the hundreds hundreds of thousands of people that could listen to it to be one cont. That'd be like on like this and somehow because like i said we we have all the detriments of celebrity survivor benefits. They get a direct line to me through twitter and that message hits goes like aw that's sore on somehow there louder than all the praise messages and you start denver stuff like maybe maybe i should make the show a bit different and maybe i should change it to that like don't be listening to people who don't make podcasts. Don't be listening to general off off the street decades. They're usually they don't want their . Stay true to your vision. Keep doing what you're doing on train improve for yourself on the people who like it with like other people who don't want apple. Maybe they will later on if you get better. That's the attitude to have asked . The other thing that i've done is try to get as many of the popular bush pertinent episode is probably very particular. Tamale show like to get all all the proper impertinent base information so that i can grow like a plan hades these answer the planet hayes is my second one. Ah i planned all these episodes earlier episodes are like groundwork on background knowledge to the more complicated later episodes her so when you talk about we have a whole series on money so it was like five money episodes so the first one is like money in the second one is like here's the dollar works at the third one on is like what's the petro dollar and the fourth one is like the history of the federal reserve so it's like growing. The knowledge with the audience at undercharging is if you want to grow your have a successful podcast for some people. It's impossible but to make content. It's evergreen so obviously if you're you're doing a sports podcast if you're doing like u._f._c. podcast or you're doing that a news podcast watson politics today or whatever like it's real hard to make stuff that stands the test of time on like say like a baseball podcast. That's only good for one week to the next a next week. That's that content is is you you know inconsequential that means you have to regular and you have to be improving equality but you can't make evergreen stuff for a history podcast or if you're doing at politics podcast a retrospective something that can be evergreen. Leave out like the common references leave about the the the jokes are the most recent episode game of thrones like these these things that would break break. The audiences concentration are make someone feel like they're not anonymous like if you're listening to something from three years ago and i made a joke some taking obama did unin. They're not gonna joke. League slick watching old episodes looks like watching all episodes of the late show with jay leno and then i'll fry. He's like i showed this week. Did you hear about this. Did you hear about this guy went into a seven eleven and it's like the national magris anymore. People don't watch reruns. Jay leno deal yeah right all right. That's a good point. You have to have current stuff so that people can feel involved no matter when they listen to it on having your like it gets easier to more show as you have because if you have one hundred episodes needed new listeners like your listeners these two episodes that's that's two thousand downloads. If you've a hundred episodes over the space of a couple of months that's a hundred thousand downloads so so the more episodes you have the easier. It is to grow the audience because they're going to go back over your back catalogue. If you're still is evergreen they're ready to go in. Listen to all your back catalogue to get to know you to come up to speed and i get a lotta messages at people to refrain for message the until they get to the most recent one and they're like it. Just finished got to the most recent episodes. 25:02 - 30:01 It took me seven months but now i mean what's the crack gardo like it's like a half a casual and now i can say hello to you because i know everything and they're like hey what's up. What do you like brilliant knowing all the crack and then they get to have done anticipation of listening to every episode like i i remember when i watched lost for the first time the first tree seasons i watched in the space of maybe two or three weeks because i had them all to download and it'd be anticipation went for new episode like on a thursday or whatever you're like all when it's on it's on your like all yes feel involved like it's your skin it. Yes you're part of it. rotterdam rather than feeling that loop. I'm like you don't get the jokes because nobody wants to feel on smart and ironically. I don't even know if on smart is a real word. He'll be feel dumb. They don't wanna feel left out. Are you could say you could just go get away with anything like that. So yeah like nobody wants to feel a outside cooed gangs so i do try as much as possible to do that in my show shows where we're making jokes nostalgia stuff. That's way back in the past. Are you know we're we're not doing something today. In the news this happens happens like a lot of our store a lot of episodes history so it's easy to make historic jokes in ends up being evergreen content because you're backed in water three key social media media practices that you've utilized you mentioned some of your social media before and part of the question. I got two parts to this question that i want want you to think about to what platforms do you use with social media and do you use an actual strategy with a plan or is it like we just make sure we keep putting stuff how consistently what do you mean by strategy the plan like what i'll give you an example. If you had a social media calendar and you said okay on mondays we put a edged out on tuesday. We put a poll on wednesday. We make sure that we have or we ask a culture that you sir i don't have i don't have something as as regimented as bash like we'd have certain things for certain days. I would imagine if you had like throwback thursdays days. Are you know a feel fe- feel good friday's or some other kind of alliterative tting include your audience that would probably work but they don't think for our show and you're scrambling to keep up with stuff in there which politics conspiracy the way it is every day as a brand new thing like you could pick your choose the topic to to jump on and you just post away the strategy really had a note from the style was like i said before we release an episodes. Let's say it's an episode on traffic. Watch our sasquatch episode. We talked at the florida skunk. We talked about the aquatic aquatic game theory and then we talked about the picture bash was very famously taken with the blurry sasquatch. Look inside like oh yeah right so those three things in the week release. The sasquatch episode went around social media under wasn't discussion about each of those things so like. I'm trying to take content. That may have been a discussion point that wasn't that that somebody else may have had input on sleep with other social media joined the week. I also put stuff up on the website like more like not like deeper dive into something that may not work audibly. It might have to work. Visually i do work a lot with patriarch folks. I would push like mike and mike patriots strategies that have been more specific so take outtakes and i take the bits and bobs wouldn't go into the main show. I put them on pitcher but social media is like a mix between my achievements as a podcast achievements of the show so i mean cool the show they always make sure to crank knows an awful awful others congratulatory by austin push. 'em like re post. Hey this week show. Is this so a lot of reports and reminders that there's a new episode of port like still discussions from the show's ira push the funny bits that you would find that would be to be something to have hashtag alerts on feeley so he went to feed lii which is like an r._s._s. feed catcher. Am i have all different tags hundreds of tags for all this stuff. We talked about in all the shows on an infield the every morning like wind. I try and follow. That's a cool thing. Whenever news has come up around that hashtag i would then take a few of those active goes go said for example we were talking about nibiru planet x and and you know the progenitor alien race car the medals at attainment recently about a malware which is a orrock that flew flew past. 30:02 - 35:07 It looks like a needle. I yeah the first thing the camp the camp site of our solar system ever on. I think it's like a an aliens pains parole or whatever so sharing stuff with a dash. It's always lincoln back then to hey this week things into our solar system mental mental. Did you ever think to his aliens well in our new bureau episode. We talk about this. I'm more check it like that kind of thing so it's always going back to an episode. People can go to a wink. Yeah yeah yeah yes. What's the episodes are cornerstone content and a little bit slow visual aspects . That's all extra stuff. There's also conversation. I also do . live chats so once a month with the patriot folks. I'm with everyone in general but the patron folks can join me on it where i put up the webcam chat for three three four five hours about that months too big episodes so this month we released cultural marxism on just about to release kosovo on the k._k._k. So i do a live chat next week and people come on sunday gets to talk about what they thought about the the the social the justice warriors and the alde rice and like they get to take the points that i made in both of those shows and go like on such as facilities said this thing now i think is that when we get to actually because a lot of people listen to our show wiser walking to and from work or getting their commuting i hear from people i meet relay for to say and when you said this on the show i wanted to show them to fallen that jet that it was this survey was i often get replaced from people like when to say when i say on the show again the name wrong and just to be involved are just the feelings have contributed. They'll send me the correct sir right so they've never communicated with me. The floor and i'm like the guy what's his name the dog whisperer cesar cesar chavez under like no at caesar alan and i guess like five dozen messages correcting me yeah so it's those kind of things people want to be involved in so i try and involve a ah trained involved in that a us buffer which is a an app that you're able to to write one post post on facebook twitter instagram on on google plus which is better to die largent gocha plus. I also have a sober british and that's usually the place where you have to feel criticism because the people on read the tend to be mildly toxic but there's a lot of nice people are too but obviously you get your get your cripples. Am i also avak pinterest page. It's not very active but i have all the all the sources now go in there and then communicate with people true d._m.'s on on instagram twitter facebook or probably the three main ones. I usually put the same content of everywhere. I tried to make like and for my for my documentary project make documentaries. I have a private t._c. G. t._v. instagram feed and that's only available to the people who donate to go fund me on patriots so that's a private feed that i'm gonna have stuff to they. Don't want the general public but they can be part of it and that's driving people to donate so they can get access to that material sampled patriot like you have secret stuff that only patriotic people get stay dollars for them to give you some money ace but in twitter facebook and that you really use one piece of content you throw out but then for the premium places like patriot and you're doing would special things am i getting back yeah yeah and then when i stream i stream on all platforms so stream on facebook twitter twitch on youtube because youtube and patriots have an integration i stream the episodes live using youtube. I love to do using twitch which but there's no way to make like a pro a private stream on twitch where you candid on youtube snags at so. I met a stream privately just a pantry on folks. I didn't get released at the end of the thing when they released the episodes but like there's there's a certain element of exclusivity and inclusivity to two times insulate jews when it comes to social media so you want everyone to be included. You want that feeling of inclusivity. If you're an audience member you're in on the joke. You're in iraq you. You're you're in on the information. You're not left behind. If you do your homework you can get the full appreciation of the content of the show and then the exodus of pirate is if you want to know more if you wanna get near me like to have a conversation to be involved. There's a paywall on you know. That's that's my wage salary history than exclusive barrier donations so like if people are if people are still on social media. 35:08 - 40:25 It doesn't have to be regular the if you're if you're buzzfeed or if you're within ago one of these lads like a what's zooey . Hello bonnie are like one. She has has right right. You go on and on instagram which is like fifteen polls. lashed out go to many. I can get overwhelming so they don't like the platoon much up there close i wanted to reply to everybody and i do try to replace heavy. I read every message in every email every every d._m. That sent me. I read them all but sometimes you just can't replace everyone wanting to sales by fail on is is at like we said earlier on the negative ones often are louder than the positive ones somehow so i try to refrain in from rewarding that negative energy with a replay but if some things are making accusations sansom sheet here like no fucking buddy to respond to it the natural inclination to be like fuck you so. I trying really hard to not reply you too negative. People are more reward the positive people for their positive input. That's the thing that i think is really important that if someone's willing to glazer way eh positively support your show even if it's just a comment to say hey love your show. This is great that you just like tanks plan like there's more here are thanks for support or whatever to replay more deposit people into negative people is could your head at its good fear fan base as well. What is the secret britt to your podcast success. I think personally. I feel that it's just sticking to your principles. No matter go mature goes like no matter what people are saying you do are like the technical stuff like people are like oh man. You should get a better microphone. Are you should put up some some san treatment on your walls or whatever like yeah i know. I know i show everyone. It's like we were all if we could all be radio station making these podcasts we would but if people are like oh man you shouldn't talk about such and such thing so much. Are you know you shouldn't make fun on of this. Are you shouldn't do this at i think sticking to your principles. Make no one who you are. I'm i'm being yourself on your show unashamedly yeah when make it a lot easier to grow because you're gonna grow naturally as a person and your audience is gonna grow each seat seatac growth. You're going to be able to be more natural and be more relaxed while you're doing the show because you don't have to put on a facade. You don't have to maintain a fake nyerere's in your your heads to be a certain person like oh. No this this podcast gardo now. I'm not allowed to talk about this or not. Let's say this like faulk as say what you like to be able to create as much as possible without getting burned out because you you barnardo's if you're trying to maintain that facade you barnard a lot quicker. That's why michelle is six and seven hours long because i'm like an widow. Let's go. Let's go back and talk about this thing. You know that's my natural inclination as a person. If i was in my head worrying about like the audience getting bored are people are going like all these episodes are too long. You know oh you could miss out on something. Important could miss it on a certain part of the conversation that could be the best part of the show right so i think the secret to the the success on the natural growth of the shoal aena as a person on his podcast on his a man amazon media producer user and as a technical operator of all of these different things that are advancing all the time if you're a person who uses audacity and and you get the opportunity to use a better software but you're like no. I won't use this because i'm used to audacity. You're like okay. Just dig your own grave and 'cause that's dover few the people using feed burner years ago under like i swear by it. I absolutely swear by and then like four years ago. Google just went burner. Never going to update that and you have your whole business built on a feed burner feed like you're stuck so being yourself. I'm willing to grow win at the change and stick just having a central principles that you stick to either personally or professionally at a not listening to the miniscule miniscule negative comments that people to change this find your painter on hammer hammer i._b. Yourself that's what's your audience will come and find you and i found that when i was doing stand up comedy that i was trying to push myself on turkey people who hadn't initially uh signed up to see me and i turned up they were like this is not what i signed up fart but if you have a podcast podcast people will find you and they're like i want more which at all exactly exactly did not like it. 40:25 - 45:18 They can just switch it off to another one. They're not stuck there for fifteen minutes where you can jokes deal lil attacks comedy club and the secret to with i think is is you know unabashedly myself. What's the next big thing in podcasting as we talked about the four. We started at the official recordings here. I think the next big thing is the unification of podcast stats that unilaterally measurement of all shows and you know with our with our powers combined captain planet like all the kids come together rings together on the we're able to then go to the advertisers as legacy media as as you know at movie studios as t._v. Networks are able to do with the unified the audience measurement statistic yeah. I'm be able to go. This is how many people according to this thing and if you're paying him that much you pay these guys this much so means that it doesn't just exclude artisan just include the massive massive shows that get paid that you can have like a youtube infrastructure where even if you're getting to thousands downloads for your episode. You're still getting you know ten in two thousand fifteen twenty dollars right. It's still some sort of an incentive whereas on a handwriting on the money unless you're making two thousand four episode has dollars per episode like with all all the way up to that. That's like going into a job under like hey canova job here. It's like yeah but you can only you can only work at seventy hours a week. If you work on the less than seventy you don't don't make any money right one minute under and you don't get anything happens. If we work forty hours a week you don't get anything for they worked really hard yea but you have to work seventy around but when you work seventy you get like two hundred thousand dollars a year which doesn't make any sense being done on my tink kim gam a unilateral podcast measurement service may be true. I tunes if our partner with one of the big measurement services like pug track are like lipson abson are blueberry if we're all able to unite declines in all like braveheart william models everyone comes together and we just sign sign on the paper the fellowship rain like we're all together in this thing like an axe that could make monetize obliterated have it on youtube or even small appears get paid and that helps them get better equipment. It helps them be able to pull back a bit from the full time job and maybe the hobby as more of a job. I get to take that power type position on work on the podcast. Maybe at some point in two to three years like flip it over until full-time gig. I was blessed that that happened to be delighted that the i never turned us into a full time job you know but it is a full time job. Sometimes i do in twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen hour days. Yes like your stick to the chair right. You know which is why in japan's exactly you gotta have comfort and but i think the next big thing is is unified measurements imagine statistics and measurement service so that we can finally get paid. What word am i say we in all podcasters altogether with each episode. I tried to come away with three takeaways that was impossible with gordon center view. I've listened to this multiple times already. Take each time. I stopped taking notes because there's so much information coming at me. I just want to absorb it. What are your take what word to say that affected your business and content creation going forward. Share your thoughts on the facebook threat with this episode. I would love to read your insights. You you can find board this website at those conspiracy guys dot com make sure to follow those conspiracy guys on facebook definitely joined their facebook group as well. 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