Grandparents and Tam Brahm food choices


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We began the episode discussing food choices. Raised in a vegetarian household, my entire education was in a catholic school and I began eating meat at a very young age. We don't make meat at home (we make egg) and over the years, my thoughts on meat have changed. I went from having meat whenever the opportunity presented itself to seeing a couple of vegan documentaries on Netflix and having mixed feelings about eating meat.  Aarnav and Anuraag have both tried meat and Anuraag seems to be following in my footsteps when it comes to experimenting with meat.  When you're raised in a vegetarian household, trying meat can invoke many feelings. Guilt. Curiosity. Doubt. In this episode, we have a freewheeling discussion on food and food choices.  In November 2018, Aarnav and Anuraag's paternal grandfather passed away at the age of 93. So after a freewheeling discussion on food, the episode assumed a bit of a somber tone where we discussed the influence of our grandparents and the role they played in our lives.  I hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did recording it.  --- Send in a voice message: