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Intro[Upbeat Intro Music] 00:09 Topher: I’ve spent the last 12 years building websites for people that looked great, but didn’t sell. That changes today as I take you on my journey learning from the best sales and marketing people in the world. I’m Topher Fangio, and this is the How 2 Funnel Podcast.[Music Fades Out] 00:28 Topher: What’s up everybody? Topher here from How 2 Funnel for mission number 3 of the One Funnel Away Challenge.I am really excited today. This one kind of stuck a nerve with me. It's actually pretty short. Which is pretty cool. I like when they are short. Because you can get through them a lot faster, but this one is really really important and the kind of the center piece of this one was "Who" not "How".Alright and I want to explain what that means. Because it’s incredibly important as you are beginning to build your business.Mission #3 - The Who, Not The How00:58 Topher: So you know your business. You know how to sell your product. You can sit there and say, this is why you should buy my product, right. That is kind of your role. Because it’s your thing, and you are the best person to sell your product, okay.But there is a lot of other things that go into building a business and maybe those aren't your strong suits, right? And a lot of times as entrepreneurs we really get caught up in this idea that we have to do it all ourselves. And sometimes, that’s like, "Oh crap I can’t afford all these things. I need to save some money...I got to learn Photoshop and figure out how to do graphic design right? I need a logo or I need this web graphic." Or whatever...And it’s tempting to say, yeah totally, you can do it yourself for free, right? You just got to learn all those things. But God! How much time do we waste learning something new? And so that's what’s this whole "who vs. how thing" is. It’s not "how can I do this", it’s "who can do this for me,so that I can concentrate on the things that really matter". And you look at this and you say “oh crap" that means I've got to hire people right? Well no, not all. There is so many sites. Like the internet right now is the best place to be if you are starting a business. Because there are so many ways that you can get stuff done super cheap. There is like fiverr.com, where for starting for $5 you can get a logo. Okay and maybe you have to pay a little bit extra if you want the vector version of it, so that you can scale it up and make it really big. Then like throw it on a billboard or something right?  But you are trying to like another $5 like $10 to get started with this okay. And I had some logos done recently for like $40 right? Which is like the high quality stuff and I found somebody who’s like doing it for years and has like a 4.8 star rating or whatever. But this start at like $40 to get started right?I know how much your time is worth? But it takes me like 8 to 10 hours to even like dream up a really crappy logo. I am not a graphic designer. I am totally 100% a computer kind of guy. Back-end I can do coding and stuff like that. You ask me to that, I am totally your guy.But when it comes to designing a logo, like I can barely work Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, or lot of these other programs? So instead of figuring out like how can I do this, instead of going and learning how to do something; ask the question: Who could do this for me in a cheap manner, so that I can focus on what needs to happen?But Where Do I Find Them?03:36 Topher: So Mission 3 in One Funnel Away Challenge, Russell is kind of pitching this Funnel Rolodex that he has put together. Which is just a bunch of people that can do all these things.You don't know how to write sales copy? Boom! You got somebody who can write sales copy. You don’t know how to write headlines? Man we got somebody to do that. You don’t know logos and graphics? We can do that for you.And it’s really cool. He has this whole list that you are supposed go through to say okay I can do these things. I could offer my services, on the Funnel Rolodex. And that’s a way for me to pay for all these things, right.Okay I can't afford $40 for a logo...well what if I can write headlines for somebody? So every time I write a headline, I can get a logo or graphic done; right! That’s how you fund your business!And he is talking about how when he was doing all of this, he doesn't have this stuff available. He didn't even know what he was doing. So he would like go out and mow lawns on the weekends. Or early mornings or whatever to make a little extra money to pay for these things okay. So it’s not like I'll go throw it on credit cards right. Its figure out ways to make the money so you can go, do the things that you need to build your business. And so he is really encouraging people to go out and see, out of this list of things, what can you do so that other people can't do that you can offer as a service to them? Kind of an exchange for the things that you need to get done to build your business okay.One of the cool things I like about this is he is specifically left off "funnel builder" from the list okay. Because that’s the whole point of the challenge is to like show you how to build the funnels. So you shouldn’t offer that as a service and you shouldn't need that as a service. Because that’s what’s he is teaching you! And I love that that he left that off. I also kind of hate it. Because I can totally build tunnels for other people. But the whole point of the challenge is to do it yourself and be able to do it yourself. Because it’s so simple and because you are the person who should be building the funnels. Because you know your product and you know how to sell your product. And if you don’t, that’s what this challenge is going to teach you!The Topher Strategy05:28 Topher: So anyway, the thing that I did, I got a design done on Fiver; I got a logo. Actually for How 2 Funnel. You guys are probably going to see it, if you haven't already; and it was okay. It turned out alright. I'm not...particularly fond of it. So I reached out to a friend of mine who did some graphic design work in the past. He is pretty darn cheap. He is like $40 an hour and he is going to do some updates to it and make it look really awesome, make it look really professional. I am really excited about that! To see what he comes back with. Super pumped that he is doing it. I want to shout out to him say thank you very much! I am really excited to see how that goes.But you guys, just think about who can do these things instead of how can I do them myself. And if you have questions about it, if you're like, "Dude, I don’t know such and such. I need this service done and I don’t know...". Reach out to me. Because I probably know somebody and I could point them to you and they would be happy to do it and they will love to get a recommendation to help you out.So give me a shout out on Facebook, email, whatever. Let me know how I can serve you if you guys have needs; and obviously if you guys have questions about funnel building, I can answer a lot of them right now. Especially if they are technical. And then as I go through these challenge, my goal is to be able to answer tons and tons of questions and practically everything that you ask about building funnels and how to sell your product.  Alright, that is it for tonight. Thank you guys so much for listening. Love you guys all, have a great night.  [Upbeat Outro Music]06:56 Topher: If you liked this episode of the How 2 Funnel Podcast, get subscribed; checkout my website how2funnel.com for more info and join our How 2 Funnel Community on Facebook so you can tag along on this incredible journey with me.[Music Fades Out]