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Intro[Upbeat Intro Music] 00:09 Topher: I’ve spent the last 12 years building websites for people that looked great, but didn’t sell. That changes today as I take you on my journey learning from the best sales and marketing people in the world. I’m Topher Fangio, and this is the How 2 Funnel Podcast.[Music Fades Out]00:28 Topher: What's up, everybody! Topher here from How 2 Funnel! And man, I am so excited about mission number four from the One Funnel Away Challenge.I just got through watching all the videos and really I'm super pumped about some of the stuff Stephen said today. It was like a 30 minute video. I watched it at 1.75 speed which is insanely fast because Stephen already talks incredibly fast.Occasionally I even miss some of the words that he's saying because he's just soo energetic and soo fast and it's amazing and listening to at 1.75 speed is just like super sonic, right?So anyway, I'm so excited and I've been pumped about this and it literally got my heart rate elevated. And so I wanted to do my podcast about this tonight and give you guys some of my perspective on this.10x Your Business01:14 Topher: So what Russell was talking about in his video...It's like a one hour presentation. I also watched it at like 1.5 speed just so I can get it done with a little quicker and it's about 10xing your business. Okay, so if you're making you, know $10,000 a year right now or $10,000 a month, let's get you to $100,000 a month.If you're making $100,000, let's get you to $1,000,000 a month. Or maybe, you know, you're only making $1,000 a month and you want to be making $10,000. Let's make that happen! So it's to 10x your business and that's what he was talking about and all of the different ways, all the different things that you have to think about when you're thinking about growing your business.01:50 Topher: So one of the things that I love about ClickFunnels is that they took on absolutely zero funding; they had no venture-capital. They didn't even have money from their own pocket that they invested in this. They built ClickFunnels from the ground up using funnels to sell itself.And this was the key. So at one point, you know, they're making like a hundred million dollars...they're one of the fastest growing companies and they have all these people saying, "Hey! We want to invest in you. Take our money!" All these VCs that are like, "You guys are growing incredibly fast...take our money and let's let's do this!"And so, they're going, "We don't really need that money." Like, "We're doing this...we're doing the thing...why should we take money?" But one day they're like, okay, so everyone's talking about valuation. How much is ClickFunnels valued at?So they sit down with one of these VC guys and he comes in and he's like, "Okay tell me: how much does it cost you to get a new customer?" And he was like, "Well, you know our ads run and it's like $20 bucks for a new customer.""Okay, wow, $20...that's amazing." All right, so he's doing math in his head. "Okay...so if we give you like 30 million dollars, you know, we can translate that into...Okay. Well, so what do you make off that?" Russell's like, "Well for free,  right. That costs me $20 to get them into a free trial and that's how they started."And that was okay. But you know, you're getting free trial. So that's not that great. You still haven't gotten a paying customer. You might get some paying customers from that but really the thing that made ClickFunnels really amazing and really launch was that they realized they need a front end funnel.Which is the book DotCom Secrets and they've got Expert Secrets and a couple of other things that they sell.The Front End Funnel03:37 Topher: Basically they're like. Okay, we'll ship this book to you for free, just pay shipping & handling; we'll give you the book for free, and then as you go you say, "Yeah sure I want that book! It's like, what, $6 for shipping. Absolutely! I'll take a free book to teach me how to make millions of dollars online, sure."Well you get the free book, you go through the funnel and the next page is an upsell. So, they say, "Cool you bought this. So do you want this other thing also? It's like $12.""Okay, cool. Yeah. Sure. I'll do that.""OK awesome! Well now you should go sign up for my podcast." Right, and from the podcast they get signed up for something else and so for like, every person that goes through this funnel: Yeah, it cost like $20 in ads to get them through the funnel. But then you make $20 on that person, and then from your podcast, from all the email lists that they signed up for...from the book...Literally! It's in the book! It says, "Go use ClickFunnels. Here's how to make lots of money: you use ClickFunnels".So they pay $20 for the ads, and then they basically make $20.So this funnel breaks even and it pays for their advertising. And the VC didn't get this. He said, "Okay, that's...what? I don't...I don't understand..." And Russell's like, "No dude...Yeah, you don't understand!""We put money into this and we get the exact same amount of money out. What that means is we never have to pay for advertising; we can advertise as much as we want, because for everything that we advertise we don't even have to sell our main product. We're not even trying to sell that; we're selling other smaller things that paid for the advertising."Whoever Can Spend the Most Money to Acquire a Customer Wins05:10 Topher: "Which means we can out-advertise our competitors."And that is the key. So that was one of the big things that he said in his video was you have to be able to basically out-buy your competition. Whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins.Right? So if you can spend $100,000 to acquire customers because you're making $100,000 immediately to pay for those ads. Absolutely! If you can spend $1 on Monday and you get $2 on Tuesday; well, how much money would you put into that, so that you can sell your product right?You put as much as you can! If you only have $10 you put $10 into it, because then you'll get $20 right? Or whatever and it's just going to pay for itself. And then as you start getting all of these people on your email list, you get them on your podcast, you get them getting your book...whatever; some of those people will convert to paying customers and you basically just got them for free!Because your advertising will totally 100% pay for it! And that is the key to ClickFunnels success. And that is what Russell was trying to get across to everybody.And that was just like blowing people's mind. Right. And that is really the secret he shares is: how to build your funnel, so that you have this front end funnel that makes a little bit of money to help you pay for the advertising to get them to buy your main product. So that you can spend as much money as you want on advertising, and it doesn't affect your bottom line on the revenue that gets generated from your products.So that was like amazing thing number one!I'm learning so much from these videos, I don't know if you guys can tell that I'm excited. I'm really excited about these videos!The Ultimate Litmus Test06:48 Topher: Then I went and watched Stephen talking about this, and, man I almost wish that I had watched Stephen first because he talks about the reason that Russell does some things he does in these videos.So Stephen is great! He used to work for ClickFunnels, he used to build funnels. He used to do a lot of stuff for ClickFunnels and he quit over a year ago, like December 31st of not this past year but the previous year. And on January 1st, he wanted to be like the litmus test to say that this framework of selling works. Right?So what he did was: January 1st, he sent out an email to his list saying, "Hey guys! I'm going to run a webinar and I just want to see if you guys are going to be interested in it."And some people registered. And what's cool is, he had no idea what the webinar was going to be about! He had absolutely no clue!So on January 2nd he's got all these people signed up. He was like, okay. Let's see. What should I do on my webinar? And instead of making something up, he went up to the people who registered and he talked to them, and he's like, "Hey! What do you guys want to hear about? What should I talk about? What value can I provide to you?"And they told him; they gave him ideas. So that's what he did in his webinar.And then he did some other stuff, and he came up with an actual product to sell. And so he did another webinar and in that webinar, he sold the product. And he made $13,000 from that one webinar. It was ridiculous. It's insane!And that was on January 4th or something. Thursday or Friday, rightLike less than a week like he's already made $13,000 by following this framework. So he did it again the next week and he said, "I'm doing another webinar; what do you guys want to know about?" And so they would register and they would tell him.And then he would sell that to them and then he would actually build something to give them in return and they got a lot of value out of that, and he made money. And it was absolutely mind-boggling and what he talked about in his video; Stephen was saying: What the One Funnel Away Challenge is designed to do, is to teach you how to sell.The Three Keys of Sales08:51 Topher: So there's there's three key things right? You've got: number one is the statement [also known as "message"; I couldn't remember the word when I was recording this podcast ?].Like, what's the problem? What value am I providing to you? And you've got to be able to craft that statement to people.The second piece: is the actual offer. Okay, so; here's the value that you need; here's what you're missing; here is the thing that is going to provide you that value. Here's what I can actually offer you for $37.95 to fill that gap in your life; to do whatever you need it to do.So you've got your statement, then you've got your offer, and then the funnel is just the delivery mechanism for that. It's the place where people can go and get your offer after reading your statement. And so that's all that a funnel is.And what he talks about in the video; it's so amazing...he's talking about how Russell does all of these things in his training and in his webinars. The way that he uses his voice, the way he's like, "Hey is that cool? You guys like that, right?" Or talking about, "What you got to do...any good entrepreneur, you've got to pull out your wallet and you've got to pay for their product and go see what they're selling." Right?He says all of these things in his webinar that are specifically designed to get you into a buying mode.And that is what the One Funnel Away Challenge teaches you is: how to actually sell products.One to Many, not One to One10:18 Topher: The last thing that I took away from this was that is not a one-to-one sale. Okay, it's not: Hey, I'm Topher and I'm talking to you John and I want to sell you this product. It's not the door-to-door type of sales. It's a one-to-many sell.So that is a different sell than a one-to-one relationship. Okay? And you have to be good at both obviously, but if you want to make good money and make money online, you have to be good at the one-to-many sale.Because that is what is going to get you many buyers which in turn gives you more money. If I can sell something to somebody for $100 that sits in front of me; that's great.But if I can sell something for $50 to a thousand people, I'm going to be in a much better financial position, and that's what we want to get to.So that's what Russell does in his videos and that's the tips and tricks that we're going to learn throughout this One Funnel Away Challenge is how to sell in that one-to-many sales position.And obviously we going to learn how to do it inside ClickFunnels. I know there's going to be a huge piece of it. I already know a little bit about that. I'm excited to learn more, but really, what I'm excited about is learning how to sell, especially in this environment.11:32 Topher: So anyway; that was my take away from tonight. I hope you guys appreciate it. I hope you guys found something insightful in this and I hope that I'm delivering value to you guys. As always if you guys have comments or questions or feedback; anything I can do to deliver even more value.If you want to hear more of these; less of these whatever; just let me know in the comments or shoot me an e-mail or Facebook. Whatever you want to do. However is most convenient to you; I want to hear from you because I want to serve you.All right. Thanks for listening. Have a great night.[Upbeat Outro Music]12:07 Topher: If you liked this episode of the How 2 Funnel Podcast, get subscribed; checkout my website how2funnel.com for more info and join our How 2 Funnel Community on Facebook so you can tag along on this incredible journey with me.[Music Fades Out]