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Intro[Upbeat Intro Music] 00:09 Topher: I’ve spent the last 12 years building websites for people that looked great, but didn’t sell. That changes today as I take you on my journey learning from the best sales and marketing people in the world. I’m Topher Fangio, and this is the How 2 Funnel Podcast.[Music Fades Out]00:28 Topher: What's up, everybody! Topher here from How 2 Funnel. Today talking about the One Funnel Away Challenge, the pre-training. This is kind of Mission 5 of the pre-training.Today is learning about Lady Boss and we watched her video. This is the webinar, which is kind of selling ClickFunnels and, you know, Russell was talking in his video about like, "I want you to watch this and see how she sells" right? Because that's really important.So that's what we're going to be talking about today.Honesty and Openness00:57 Topher: But I told you guys that I want to be honest with you; want to be open and totally kind of vulnerable and just you know, have you guys know who I am. And so tonight, I just want to tell you guys honestly: I'm a little bit bummed and I'll tell you why. I've actually already recorded this entire podcast episode.And the first time I did, it was like 21 minutes long. I thought it was amazing, it was really great. And then when I went to save it, it like didn't save and the file got corrupted...guys, I was so upset! But it still said it recorded 21 minutes of stuff. So I spent like 2 hours the other night trying to see if I can figure out how to recover this. I finally found a company that claims that they could do it and so I like uploaded the file and it recovered like 6 minutes.Okay, cool. Well that wasn't all of it. But let me click this little button that says "Reach out to a human and see if they can fix it."So I clicked that; I sent them a ticket and they get back to me like the next day and are like, "Yeah, um, we recovered all of the audio that's in the file. Sometimes it lies to you about like how much time is actually done right? So maybe it was the whole file and that you just think it's recorded, you know more than that..."I'm like yeah, thank you, but...no it actually lost a lot of data because I'm getting cut off mid-sentence. Right? And I know that was like a third of the way through my whole podcast.So I'm honestly a little bit bummed about that, but we're here and I've got the opportunity to record it again. Hopefully even at a better quality; I've got a slightly better set up. I'll share a picture with you guys of what my current podcasting studio looks like. I think it's pretty amazing.But again, just wanted to be open and honest with you guys, let you know how I'm feeling. We're going to move on we're going to make this happen. It's going to be great.Lady Boss02:45 Topher: So Lady Boss. If you guys don't know who Lady Boss is, she is amazing. Her and her husband: Kaelin and Brandon Poulin built this Health Empire for women that really empowers them to lose weight and get fit and just have a better, healthier life; and they're amazing. They've helped, I don't remember how many, like 1.3 million women, or something ridiculous, to lose weight and feel healthier and be better, and obviously they made lots of money in the process. It's just an absolutely amazing story.This is my second time to watch the video and I watched the whole thing through again because it was just so good. Right? Like, just to hear this story, to hear all of the amazing things.So the homework was like what is the one thing in this story that she says that really stuck with you? Okay, and so they're broke and they've got like no money, they show a picture of their apartment where they're like literally sleeping on a mattress on the floor and they've like got nothing else. And they go from that and they're like, "Okay...well I don't know how we're going to buy groceries next month", right?And so they see this like webinar by Russell and he's like, "Okay, just give me like $2,000 and I will show you guys how to make money online." And they're like, "Ahhh! This makes so much sense."Like they watch the webinar and they're like, "We've got to do this!" And they go back and forth and they like wind-up kind of buying it and she's like, "No! We have to get the whole thing!" So she goes back, she puts it like on a credit card or something. They buy this training.And then they sit down and they watch the training, and the thing that stuck with me is: what they would do is: they would watch the video, and then they would pause the video, and then they would go out and execute on whatever the idea was...whatever the strategy was...whatever whatever Russell said in the video, they would go and they would do that.Ok, and they were not allowed to unpause the video until they were finished. So they would watch the video; pause; do the thing; unpause; watch the video; pause do the thing and they just did that until they got through all the videos and they had this entire product in this entire funnel, like, laid out.What was my takeaway?04:50 Topher: So, why did this resonate with me? That's the next question. Why do you think it gave you a reaction? Right? What about it relates back to your own life? Business? Fears? Dreams? Hopes? Etcetera.Okay guys, I don't know about you but I struggle with like getting stuff done. Right? Like I'm always the same person who is like, "Oh yeah! That course sounds great. Let me go buy that for $50 bucks or $20 bucks or a $100 bucks or whatever."And then like I get it and I see all of the content and I sit there like, okay...now what? And I wind up never actually doing anything with it and it just sits there. It is just a total waste of money. And so this really resonated with me because they actually went out and executed on it. They really utilized the materials. They utilized the lessons, and the learning, and the tutorials to actually build their empire. And that's what I'm really really trying to do with this One Funnel Away Challenge, right?So like every night I am committed to doing the homework. I am committed to working on my offer. I am committed to all of these things to get this done and make this happen because I want to succeed.We talked about that in a few of the episode before, about how we have to change our belief and we have to absolutely believe that we can do this. You guys I absolutely believe that I can do this and I believe that you can too if you guys want to do this.Okay. So this stuff is really great.This is one reason I actually love the One Funnel Away Challenge is because as I'm going through this, they give you small nuggets everyday, like you can't move on. You can't go past this stuff right? But now you have something to do every day to work towards your goals. And that is fantastic. This is like the first thing that I've ever done where I don't just buy it and like throw it away after two days, right?So, I'm really excited about that. I think it's this is probably the best way to learn ClickFunnels I have ever seen. I'm super excited about it!The Three Pilars of Selling Anything06:36 Topher: Then! Stephen's coaching...y'all...Stephen, I love Stephen. He's like, "Booooom!" at every single episode, it's how he starts out and he breaks people's eardrums. It's amazing! But he's so energetic because he loves what he's doing, right?So the thing that I got from Stephen's coaching, like, he had so much; I can't even tell you how many notes I have on all of the stuff. But Stephen's coaching: he talks about the secrets of psychological marketing. And this stuff is really amazing. These are some things that I have never heard before. Obviously, I don't know hardly anything about sales, so most of this is new to me, but I think this is some really great stuff.So one of the things he says and I wrote this down like word-for-word because I think it's absolute gold, right!"Sales, Marketing and Closing are all three separate things that you need to become good at."~ Stephen LarsenAll three: Sales, Marketing and Closing are separate things. Okay, and he gives these definitions for all three of these that are absolutely genius. They're spot on and they make so much sense.Okay. So marketing: is the act of changing beliefs with the intent of a sale.Obviously our intent here is to sell something right. And so you have to take the person's preconceived notions and beliefs and change them so that they're willing to buy.Sales: is presenting an offer and overcoming objections.Okay. It's like they've got all these excuses and you have to crush these excuses, right? You have to give them a solution for these problems, right?So that was the second one. Marketing is first one: the act of changing beliefs with the intent of a sale. Sales is the second one: presenting an offer and overcoming objections.The third one is closing, and I love this.He says, "Cash is in the closing."This is logical reasons why you should act now.So closing is like actually making the sale and getting the money, right? And I think that is like spot on: Cash is absolutely in the closing.If you can't close you're never going to sell, you're never going to have money, and so you got to be good at that. But you've also got to be good at the marketing and the sales piece.Okay, go through this again: Marketing is the act of changing beliefs with the intent of a sale. Sales is presenting an offer and overcoming objections. And closing is logical reasons why you should act now. This means so much to me. I absolutely don't even know like where to go from here. But there's there's some amazing other things that he does. So Stephen knows exactly where we should go with this right?The Brain's Three Stages of Sales09:07 Topher: So he says selling is 100% emotional, right? But you can make people think that it's logical. People like to be sold to. It gives them a high; it gets their endorphins and their dopamines going, right. And they actually enjoy it.So for every person that you're trying to sell to, you have to ask like, what are those person's current beliefs and how can I change them? And the brain experiences sales in a specific order. And this was also, again, something I had never heard: three steps.So step one is the vehicle: I see that this product could actually work.How many people believed that the iPhone could work?I want to go over this example because this is just absolutely amazing. And as Stephen was going through this, I kept going back to the original launch of the iPhone. I don't know if you guys saw it, but if you haven't seen it go like look on YouTube; I'm sure it's on there.Where Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone. Steve was an absolute master salesman, and he did such an amazing job with this. So as I was going through this, all I could think of was like the vehicle: I see that this product could actually work.The next one is internal beliefs: I believe that I could actually use this product or that this product would work for me.And then the last one is external: I have the resources capable to do it. So time...support from your spouse...money...whatever.The iPhone Launch10:36 Topher: And so Steve Jobs, absolutely, I think I crushed all three of these and so I want to just kind of go through this with you because this was on my mind the whole time and it was amazing.So step one: vehicle.It's a phone right? I don't know how many of you guys remember this, but when the iPhone first came out all of the other phones on the market, like, you know, the big players like Blackberry was huge. I think Samsung was even there. Nokia was massive, right.All of these big players, they were all saying: No...the iPhone...like, Apple can't make a phone...Because they had heard rumors, right "Apple making a phone." Yeah, whatever...Apple can't make a phone. They do like MP3 players, right? There's no way that they can break into this market, okay.So all of the people sitting in that stadium or whatever when they were watching the keynote were Steve Jobs talks about the iPhone and he introduces it to them. All of these people had these preconceived notions, these preconceived beliefs, that Apple can't build an iPhone. Like, it just won't be a good phone.So the first thing he has to do is break that, okay and so he's like, "Okay. Well obviously people don't know if it works. So we've got to show them that it works." And so people are like well, what is a phone? Like what does a phone have to do? Well, it has to make calls.Okay. So let's make a live call in front of everybody and show them that it works. Right? So he calls Starbucks, right?And this poor Barista...he's like "Yeah, I need 3,000 lattes...Sorry! Wrong number...bye!" Click. And you can hear the barista on the other end like, "Whaaattt?!?"And so it was this awesome experience for all of them! Everybody laughed, obviously. I don't know if it was planned, or not. I don't know if they like called the Starbucks beforehand to let them know, "By the way, we're doing this thing..."But it was a really great way of showing people that the phone actually works and crushing those preconceived notions; those beliefs they held that Apple couldn't make a phone, right? Hey, here's a phone. It works. Let me show you how it works. That was absolutely amazing.The second thing right? So that was vehicle. The second thing is internal: I believe that I can actually use it too, right?And, man, this one was the big kicker for me!So, if you remember all of those other phones beforehand, like they all had a keyboard and they all had this little like trackpad thingy that you could use. It was like a little button or something...not even a button. Like a little pointer or something that you could like move around and move the mouse on the screen.If it was one of those kind. If it wasn't one of those kind, if you didn't have a fancy one, you might have like buttons on the side that let you scroll and then you could hit the menu button or maybe it had like up and down arrows and an okay button, something like that, right? It was like really complicated to try and use this thing.And when Steve Jobs is talking about this is like, you know, "It's a beautiful design. It's amazing. It's great. And if you want to scroll..."We're all sitting here looking at it like, "Okay...I don't see a place for a stylus...like how the heck are you supposed to use this thing? There's no buttons on the side to let you scroll. Like how am I supposed to interact with this thing that's an entire screen."He's like, "All you have to do is put your finger on it...and flick."And holy crap!! Like we take that for so much granted right now, but at the time that was revolutionary guys! That was absolutely revolutionary and amazing. And the crowd knew it!They went wild, like, "OH MY GOD!" And you could hear everyone screaming because that was so simple. And like the physics worked right. Like you flick it and it just like really pretty in a nice smooth motion that slowed down.When you got to the bottom, like he scrolled up a little bit too far and it like bounced back into place, like a rubber band. Like kind of a physical world item. And nothing...nobody had ever seen anything like this.So what was he doing there? That was the internal one. Where he was saying "This is simple...anybody can use this. If you have a finger, you can use the iPhone."That was absolutely amazing!Third one: external. Do I have the resources capable to do this?So a lot of people in the audience are thinking, "Okay. This is amazing. I definitely want one, but man it's got to be expensive. It's an Apple product. Right? All Apple products are expensive, I can't afford that."And this is one of the ways is that I think Apple did really well here.So first off, obviously they're like, well, you know, some of those were going to be saying well, "I don't have the right cable for it or I don't have a pair of headphones to use with it... whatever..."We'll throw it in the box. You will have everything you need. Here, we'll give it to you.You just buy this, and you'll have everything you need to use the iPhone and be successful with the iPhone, right? And so that gets some people that may have been like saying, "Oh, well I don't have all the right stuff...""Cool will give it to you. No problem."Then the price comes in. Okay. Do I have the money to afford this? And here's what they did that was absolutely gold.They worked with AT&T to subsidize the cost of the phone, right? So yeah, you wound up paying a little bit more per month on your data plan or on your voice plan and whatever. But, you got the phone right now and you paid it off over time, essentially. And at the end of two years, if you signed a two-year contract, the phone was yours; you got to keep it as long as you made your payments on time and stuff, and you got to have the iPhone.The best, most amazing, most technologically-advanced phone right now, even if you don't have a whole lot of money.And like everybody could do that right. Like almost everybody, right? So again, this goes back to Apple wasn't targeting people who were paying $20 for a crappy piece of junk phone, right? He was targeting people who could actually kind of somewhat afford $500 for a phone, but $500 that point in time was still expensive, so they found a way to say, "Okay. Well, maybe you can do like a $100 bucks a month and add it to your data plan."And then everybody can afford...well a lot more people can afford it, a lot of the people who had money...who were making good money could definitely afford that.So all three of those I think Steve Jobs and Apple did exceedingly well when they were doing that sales pitch, right?And so I was thinking about that the whole time I was listening to Stephen talk about all of this stuff and god, it was just absolutely amazing.Go Watch the Video17:03 Topher: So that's what I have for you guys tonight.If you haven't seen the video of Steve Jobs introducing iPhone, seriously, like pause the podcast go watch that right now. It is absolutely worth watching every second of it to see how Steve does this and how he's doing all three of these things: the vehicle, the internal, the external. And how he's doing the marketing, and the sales, and the closing; overcoming those objections and stuff.And the closing was, "Hey, you can go buy it right now because we're working with AT&T to give you that subsidy."So he does all of this so well, and to be able to look at it from this perspective now and see all of these different things working together and to see how Apple did it, how Steve Jobs did it.Man! Like, now moving forward, I'm going to be watching sales videos in a totally new light to try and figure this out right and say, okay. "Well, what was the vehicle here? What was the internal? What was the external?"You know, and I would encourage you guys to do the same thing because I think it's going to help us all become way better and actually sell things online and make lots of money and be able to help other people do that.So thank you guys for listening. As always if you have questions or comments, hit me up on the Facebook group, or email, or wherever you guys can get a hold of me. I'm always happy to answer questions.If you guys could like the Facebook page, share it with your friends; that would help out greatly.And, if you're subscribed to the podcast, go ahead and write a review of the podcast; that also helps. On iTunes or Spotify, wherever you're looking at it.And if you're not subscribed, why not!?Click the button and get subscribed! Because there's going to be some amazing content coming your way.All right. Thanks guys. Have a wonderful night.[Upbeat Outro Music]18:47 Topher: If you liked this episode of the How 2 Funnel Podcast, get subscribed; checkout my website how2funnel.com for more info and join our How 2 Funnel Community on Facebook so you can tag along on this incredible journey with me.[Music Fades Out]