Hack Life like a Pro. Learn shortcuts to Agility from bestselling author of The Cheat Code Brian Wong


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Agile Living, An Entrepreneurs Journey


Brand success can be as simple as a haircut! Develop your brand to create the most valuable tool for lasting revenue. Learn how to do this and more in this episode featuring Brian Wong. CEO of the mobile app advertising company Kiip, Brian co-founded his business at age 19 and now, 8 years later, has been named as one of the top young entrepreneurs in the world by multiple sources. Listen and you’ll discover how to increase your marketability through your weaknesses. And as the author of Cheat Codes, Brian shares why you don’t have to transform your life to create success. It just takes a few simple cheat codes to fast track your way to massive revenue.   “You maintain that brand consistently and you will always see continued inbound of people who are looking for that type of thing.” -Brian Wong Subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcast Stitcher Overcast PodBean TuneIn Radio Timestamps: 0:58 - Why you need to follow Brian RIGHT NOW to become a young, agile, successful entrepreneur 2:47 - You don’t have to uproot your whole life to make millions! Brian can show you the path out of your own obstacles and into the freedom of agile entrepreneurship 5:03 - Create a business with momentum by discovering the superpower that society and school are hiding from you 10:10 - 2 Cheat Codes to upgrade your brand without breaking the bank 13:58 - Want the phone number of the biggest CEO in your area? It’s simple! Brian shares how. 16:45 - Make your weaknesses your biggest strengths to double your marketability and therefore your profit 18:20 - Are you struggling to make a business or personal decision? Brian warns what is equally as bad for your business as making a wrong decision   Connect with Brian: Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Email Kiip: In App Mobile Advertising and Audiences The Cheat Code: Going Off Script to Get More, Go Faster, and Shortcut Your Way to Success by Brian Wong   Connect with Jon: Facebook LinkedIn