Harley Quinn And U.S. Intervention


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Warning: This is the Completely Inappropriate Podcast  We will be Inappropriate...we are NOT experts.   Margot Robbie has quit her role as Harley Quinn. Frank tells us about it and remembers a controversy involving bats and Catwoman... he remembers wrong and says Harley Quinn ? As Anthony shares with us recent events in his life, Frank shares a military anniversary of his. Which leads to Anthony asking a few military related questions, such as military intervention. It's an episode that goes by quick, which means it was fun to do. We hope you have fun listening to it as much as we had fun recording. See you next week ?     Sincerely, The Inappropriate Ones   "Why be P.C. when you can be 'Completely Inappropriate'" -Author Chance Nix of "Kill Kill: Battle of Fallujah" and other great works Logo Art by: @Ariela_Arts on Instagram Email with your inappropriate questions and inappropriate stories at completelyinappropriatepodcast@gmail.com Reach us on twitter @CompletelyInap instagram @Cipodcast facebook @Completely Inappropriate Podcast www.CIpodcast.podbean.com Search Youtube :Completely Inappropriate Podcast or Bitchute :Completely_Inappropriate_Podcast intro and outro by Anthony G.