Hello? Are you paying attention or on your phone? Technology and Focus with Bruce Bowser Co-Author of 'The Focus Effect'


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On today’s episode of the Agile Living Podcast, Jon talks with Bruce Bowser, co-author of “The Focus Effect.” Jon and Bruce discuss how technology controls us.  They dive deep on how it makes it hard to focus on our work and our personal lives. Find out how we can free ourselves from the addictions or at least maintain a sense of balance in using technology.  That way, we are more focused to live a happy, healthy and productive life.   “With a little bit of focus, you can start to change your behavior.” -Bruce Bowser Subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcast Stitcher Castbox PodBean TuneIn Radio     Timestamps: 02:02 - All about the book 'The Focus Effect' and how technology controls us 04:36 - Is technology the only one to blame? Why employees are distracted 07:57 - What you can do to control emails and calls after office hours 11:35 - Why people need occasional breaks from being online and using digital devices 14:09 - Multitasking does not necessarily equate to high-performance 16:25 - How turning the notifications off can give you more focus and be more productive 21:30 - Showing respect and knowing when not to use your phone 22:55 - The effect of technology on our mental health 24:09 - Spending more time with families more than on technologies   Resources: Agility CMS AMJ Campbell Dr. Greg Wells The Focus Effect: Change Your Work, Change Your Life by Bruce Bowser and Greg Wells The 4-Hour Workweek, Expanded and Updated by Timothy Ferriss   Connect with Bruce: brucebowser.com LinkedIn Instagram Twitter   Connect with Jon: Facebook LinkedIn