Hope with Carol Bevil


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Giving Hope

Religion & Spirituality

Carol Bevil is co-founder of Fuel Your Body, Feed Your Soul, a God-first approach to nutrition, body image, and food relationship.  FYBFYS is founded on Romans 12:2 and focuses on renewing the mind before transforming the body. Carol is wife to Chris (23 years), mother to four (Will, 20; Hannah 18; Katherine 13; Olivia 11),  personal trainer, cycling performance and nutrition coach, Carol has been in the health and fitness industry for 30 plus years.  She holds multiple certifications in cycling, personal training, and nutrition and has dedicated her career helping others believe all things are possible.  Years of coaching and seeing the diet and wellness industry become false idols, destroying women’s peace and stealing their joy, led her to create Fuel Your Body, Feed Your Soul: a place where tuesday transformation is uprooted and replaced with the Biblical truth of Romans 12:2. Carol was raised in a Jewish family, but felt Jesus’s pursuit the whole of her life.  Stubborn and willful, she begrudgingly attended church with her husband and constantly pestered the Pastor.  One Sunday he challenged her to read the Old Testament and look for Jesus.  There He was….on every page.  She was baptized at the age of 40 and has spent the last 13 years doing her best to surrender her willful spirit (sometimes multiple times each hour). --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/givinghopeministries/support