How can one contribute to the new generation answers, this curious father, teacher and media professional, Nadir Kanthawala


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Apne Liye. Apno Ke Liye.

Kids & Family

In this episode, Hrishi K, radio and podcast host, Radio One discusses with Nadir Kanthawala, Director, TING Creative Agency and Podcaster, Pops in a Pod, what it means to contribute to the new generation of media professionals, fellow fathers and fathers to be.  Nadir shares what it was like to put his child before his career to be there for the first few milestones, how his zeal for learning pushed him to dabble into teaching, and why he began a podcast on new-age parenting for fellow fathers. He says - Striking a great balance between work, passion and personal life is the key to his and his loved-ones' happiness.