How Do You Adapt When Adding More Responsibility to Your Life? Hear the Story of Rocking a Business and Two Newborns from Elissa Liu


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Agile Living, An Entrepreneurs Journey


If you’re a parent, then you know how hard it can be to manage your time well. Now imagine running two businesses on top of parenting. Elissa Liu has mastered the art of managing time while being a parent and CEO. As the founder of Spark Growth and the CEO of Influential Executive, Elissa Liu has to maximize every minute of her day. Hear the 2 ways she makes every second count. Elissa has discovered how to value your kids and the time you spend with them while also getting work done. Listen to find out how to become a better parent and a better Entrepreneur at the same time.   “Your experience with your first child is not necessarily going to be replicated with subsequent children.” -Elissa Liu Subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcast Stitcher Overcast PodBean TuneIn Radio Timestamps: 1:07 -  The story behind Elissa’s niche: How observation and learning from your field can reveal a special place for profit 2:32 - Parenting is hard, but find out how Elissa parents 2 kids AND run 2 businesses at the same time 6:47 - What the best options are for a CEO or Entrepreneur who has to take a step back from the business because of personal life issues 9:37 - Downtime? What’s that? Why your downtime becomes more and more valuable with each child you have 15:47 - For the busy CEO parents: 2 ways to balance your time between your work and your kids 18:29 - Even if you don’t have kids, you need to learn this principle to maximize time for yourself and your employees 21:00 - There are 2 ways that you can maximize your time, especially during your commute or working from home 23:09 - Don’t let working out fall behind your parenting and work life! What Elissa does to make exercise a convenient and enjoyable time of the day   Connect with Elissa Liu: Twitter LinkedIn Email Spark Growth Influential Executive   Connect with Jon: Facebook LinkedIn