How Entrepreneurs Can Arise in Challenging Times w/ Sarah Fontenot


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Leading hundreds to better health, wealth, and mental prosperity - Sarah Fontenot has built multiple successful/strong businesses to six and 7 figures. Growing her first entrepreneurial business from a quarter of a million dollars a year to over a million dollars a year in just 6 months. Living up to the standard of 'building the life and business you love' she has mastered her craft and inspires others daily to do the same. ⁣00:28: Introduction to Sarah Fontenot14:25: How Sarah gets her amazing confidence22:00: Three ways to pivot your business25:02: Build your platform in a way to have an audience who is looking for you28:54: Hack to convert more followers30:37: Top 3 lessons from Sarah35:18: How to be successfulDon't forget to leave a comment if you liked this episode. For other epsiodes, check out