How Lawyers are Accommodating for COVID-19 - Amanda Berloni


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Hey everyone! It's been a minute! Welcome back to another episode of Sudbury Stories - your feel good news of Sudbury! Today, David is joined by Amanda Berloni, the real estate lawyer in Sudbury! Real estate has been deemed essential! At least for the time being. Though as we've mentioned before, it's not business as usual. This is the case for lawyers as well! The law society has recently approved commissioning documents and meetings with clients virtually!  Amanda walks David through the revised COVID-19 process for lawyers, which is now entirely virtual. She points out new found frustrations and highlights the silver-lining of these crazy times we're facing. People are realizing now in an electronic time, that there are both easier and faster ways to do things. Being forced to pivot helps us find the inefficiencies in the old practices and allows us to move forward post COVID.  Bringing the episode to a close, Amanda reminds everyone to stay safe and to be as diligent as possible. It's a different world we're in. Take your time, make sure you're comfortable and understand what it is you are buying - especially if you're doing it virtually! A house is the biggest purchase you are ever going to make, so be diligent! Tune in, enjoy and let us know what your thoughts are! You can also watch the full zoom chat on our youtube channel!