How Linnea Leaped 4 Titles in Only 6 Months


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Happen to Your Career


My friend Linnea described her “epiphany moment” to me the other day. She said she’d been binge-listening to our podcast. She kept hearing story after story of people finding their way to career happiness. Linnea listened to these stories on her commute to work, on the treadmill at the gym, and while she cooked dinner at night. She was hooked. But Linnea didn’t launch into action for herself until she re-listened to an episode called How to Confidently Land Your Dream Job.  In this second go-around, she heard something she longed for: self-actualization. The featured guest of the show, Laura, seemed totally confident and totally happy with her career choice. The self-actualization in Laura’s voice made Linnea’s skin tingle. She knew she couldn’t stay settled in her role any longer. In that moment, Linnea began her short, six-month journey to career happiness—a journey that took her 4 titles above her position! I’m so excited to share Linnea’s story with you. (Well actually, to let Linnea share it with you directly!) One of my favorite parts of my job is handing over the microphone to students from Career Change Bootcamp. There’s something really powerful about transforming from an anonymous binge-listener into a featured success story. In my interview with Linnea, she kept describing her experience as “everything’s come full circle.”  A few years ago, my wife and I paid down $138,000 of debt using Dave Ramsey’s plans, and we experienced something similar, but that’s a story for another time. (Or you can click here to read it right now if you just can’t wait!) Whether you’ve just joined our network or you’ve been hearing success stories for a long time, I believe your epiphany moment is coming! How cool would it be if Linnea’s description of her success is the epiphany moment you need? Trust me. This story is worth a listen (or a read!). Click here to see how Linnea leapt 4 titles in only six months. Your epiphany is coming!   To binge-listen to more career happiness success stories, find all the podcasts at Want to know high-performers discover their ideal career and find meaningful, well-paid work without starting over  Or to tell us more about your situation and schedule a conversation with our team go to