How radical resilience helped me overcome COVID-19


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Kelly Ruta is a seasoned psychotherapist turned Speaker, Mentor, and Coach for audacious change agents who want to disrupt the status quo. In this episode, Kelly speaks of her harrowing ordeal with COVID-19 and her existing health conditions which made overcoming the illness even more challenging. Kelly shares her daily ritual which is to ensure she finds a way to laugh every morning as it gives her energy, the power of her mindset and radical resilience, the importance of daily habits, and approaching wellness in all areas of your life in a holistic manner. Kelly is currently working with a dynamic mentor, Kelly Roach to help her smash her goals and shares the importance of surrounding herself with positive, trustworthy people.To quote from Kelly, "No matter what shows up for me in life to challenge me, I might get knocked down but I will always get back up".