How the heck did we discover his ADHD? It's so hidden for so long!


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She Said He Said - an ADHD relationship


You know when you sense something is "wrong", usually it is? When I first started dating Craig, I always felt something was off. It's like.....he was not living his life.  WHY? I knew deep down he is a great guy, but how come he often comes out as impulsive, irresponsible, careless, reckless, and really just a hot mess in life.   I could not find answers or solutions, so we fought and we broke up.  Even though we ended up giving our relationship a second try, there was still so much difficulty and struggles I could not even put in words. UNTIL a traumatic car accident changed everything! Discovering his ADHD is like a key to all the questions we had.  Our life is forever changed after that accident. Everything falls into places, and everything makes sense now! ....It does not mean #ADHD is an easy mental disorder to deal with. We still have challenges every day, but at least now we see clearly what the root problem is.  And, we learn, we treat, we cope, we help each other to understand better of ADHD.  We want to share our unfiltered journey of treating ADHD together as a couple.  We would love to have you as a subscriber. Love, Craig and Anna Twitter: @ADDrelationship