How to Ask the Right Questions with Angus Nelson


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Making a Marketer


Season 5 is holding nothing back, and this episode featuring Angus Nelson is no exception. He blew our minds, motivated us, inspired us, taught us, and made us laugh. When we enter a conversation with curiosity and an open mind, it’s disarming. It shows the other person that you value their thoughts and feelings, and it opens the door to trust. When we ask the right questions, we create an entirely different dynamic, and Angus gives us the tools to get started. More than likely you'll listen to this episode more than once -- there's so much GOLD in this one! Our guest... Angus Nelson  Angus is a men’s executive coach, one of America’s top performance strategists and Founder of Evolve Men Coaching. He helps ambitious men find fulfillment for a life of meaning and purpose. His past clients include members from Fortune 50 brands to celebrity personalities while also speaking at headquarters for America's top brands such as Walmart, Coca-Cola, BMW, Disney, Whole Foods, and Adobe. Angus is married with three children and lives in Nashville, Tennessee with their 2 bougie dogs. GIFT from Angus: "7 Questions to Change Your Life" His book reco: Expert Secrets by Russel Brunson His Instagram is a great place to follow / connect with him!   We are "Making a Marketer"... in all ways. Check out episode 90 -- and please take a minute to follow, rate, & review us on iTunes & get each ep. when it drops! ::: This episode is made possible by Powers of Marketing - emPOWERing strategic communication ::: ** Our show music is provided by our GIFTED editor, MUSICIAN, Avri. Check out his song, "Too Close"! **