How to Balance Your Mental Health While Running Your Business with Mirriam Knight-Wilson


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1:29: Introduction of Miriam Wilson4:21: Why is it so important for people to have their mental health in the healthiest space?8:39: What toll does lack of human interaction take on people right now?15:28: What we can do to be able to control some of the stress levels, and manage the energy better?17:17: What is a crisis?20:25: 5 Ways to Overcome crisis23:25: Find a safe space to process your fears23:28: Normalize your situation34:05: What are the most important tools in the toolbox that people should be building up right now to manage things a bit better?35:00: Toolbox exercise36:50: Ask yourself why are you feeling this way37:13: Ask yourself what you need today to process what you are feeling right now?49:46: Write down a list of how to treat yourself55:14: What is your greatest comeback? How do you bounce back from negative situations58:25: How to get in touch with Dr. Miriam Wilson