How To Be Relentless When Pursuing Your Goals w/ Tracie Potts


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Ideas That Shape The World


In episode 7, sponsored by Microsoft, I interview Tracie Potts who is a Producer at Tyler Perry studios for "Divorce Court".Ambitious, Assiduous, Entertaining and Outgoing are just a few of the attributes that describes this tenacious and talented individual. Tracie Potts is a fun-loving television producer for Divorce Court at Tyler Perry Studio’s and the founder of Troy-David PR & Consulting company.Ms. Potts enjoys traveling and pouring into the lives of others doing motivational speaking and was named Publicist of the Year at The Ohio Entertainment Awards. Over the years, Ms. Potts has worked on several popular television shows such as The Queen Latifah Show, Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and BET Entertainment Television.We talk about her journey to Media Production and becoming a Publicist as well as what Entrepreneurs need to know about being relentless and standing out in the marketplace. Websites mentioned: