How to Deal with Acne with Vegan Bodybuilder Brian Turner


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Generation V


We’ve all had experience with insecurities. Whether it’s about your body, your smile, or even something that isn’t physical, most of us have tried to hide parts of ourselves we don’t like. But what happens when your insecurities are tied to the most visible part of you? Brian Turner is a vegan bodybuilder with a reach of almost half a million followers on YouTube and Instagram, but he wasn’t always so comfortable putting himself out there. Brian started dealing with acne at 15 and was soon suffering from four or five cysts on his face at a time. His painful experience with cystic acne first led Brian into a severe depression and he was eventually prescribed the powerful acne treatment drug, Accutane. Brian used fitness as an outlet and addressed his acne head-on, documenting and sharing his experience online. When he was not seeing any substantial results from high doses of Accutane, Brian looked to his eating habits. He saw great improvements after removing meat and dairy from his diet; he started eating more whole foods, and ultimately made the switch to veganism. Today, his skin is clear and he is stronger than ever.   “If you don’t have a passion, you miss out on a lot of life” - Brian Turner   If you like this episode Screenshot it Post it on your Instagram Story or Twitter Tag Nimai, Bianca, and Generation V! What do you want to hear from the Generation V Podcast? Tell us here! Timestamps: 5:42 - What fired Brian up to share his fitness content on YouTube? 9:03 - What is cystic acne? 11:25 - How Brian’s passion for bodybuilding helped him handle bullying and putting himself out into the world. 19:17 - Brian’s Accutane adventures, his experience with Accutane’s side effects, and how the medicine works. 26:01 - Brian’s tips for anyone dealing with acne, and the science behind diet’s major role in your skin. 33:13 - Why it’s so important to work on your self-esteem, even before you’ve gotten rid of acne. 39:52 - What made Brian commit to veganism, and how it’s impacted his performance as a bodybuilder. 45:37 - What does a vegan bodybuilder eat? How much protein does Brian get, and what’s his split? 58:53 - How Brian started working with CT Fletcher, and his biggest takeaway from the experience. 1:10:36 - The biggest thing Brian’s passion for bodybuilding has taught him, and how he sees veganism’s role in the future of fitness. Resources: Team Acne Connect with Brian: YouTube Instagram Twitter Beyond the Podcast Connect with Nimai: Facebook Instagram Youtube ThriveMarket Discount Code: Nimai10