How To Focus 2020


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Robert Lyon Podcast


It’s important to focus in 2020 and how you do this is you break your time down and 45 or 90 minute chunks why you do this you said this time up for yourself to do the best work you possibly can with no distractions to be focused is to have your whole body mind and spirit working on one important task one meaningful goal this is focus. In a world full of distraction To be able to focus is godly and if you can do this you will see significant success because focus true focus is priceless. Before you sit out on any projects it’s important to meditate first it’s important to let go to be free to do your work. Let go of all the noise that is completely a relevant in this moment let go of the opinions of others and your ego and simply say that you were going to be focused for the next 90 minutes so that you can get the most out of your time today. After you meditate get a glass of water and sit down and tell yourself I’m not gonna stop for nothing not water not a phone call not a notification I’m just going to focus. Now when you’re working you can put in headphones or earplugs or any other noise canceling objects or free space that you can figure out or have whatever best suits you through your optimum time to focus and get your work done. Being someone who can focus will change your life and make it so you can take steps towards creating the life you want so practice focus see it as a skill that you can build on that you can work out and that you can use. --- Support this podcast: