How to Get Help with A Big Medical Bill


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Finding Health


Robin Markson's friend was hit with a $60,000 hospital bill after a law changed in her state. This episode, we go on an adventure to figure out what to do when you get a big hospital bill. Who can you call? What are your options?We talk to experts to find out. Follow Finding Health on twitter @finding_podcastYou can learn more about our organization and show you'd like to support Vanessa's GoFundMe we mentioned in this episode, you can do so here.If you'd like to get the templates we talked about, or reach out to the National Patient Advocacy Foundation, you can do so here. Our show is Executive Produced by Branden Stewart, with the help of Producer Mark Rees, and our Researcher is Megan Crutchfield, MPH. We're edited and mixed by Benji Block.