How to get you started on SEO


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In the beginning of this Podcast, Virginia will go into a quick overview of some of the SEO terms you need to know and explain what they mean. The next section goes into detail of how SEO is made up. This is where a large focus of the podcast will lie. In this section, Virginia will cover the three main areas of SEO; Technical, Content and Social. She will explain what each area means and how you should be using all three parts to make sure your site is given the best chance of being visible online. She will then quickly cover off why reviews and SEO play an important role with each other. This will only be brief as there is a full 30 minute webinar on this on The Pull Agency YouTube channel. The final section gives you 6 tips on what you can be doing today to help your websites visibility. There are also some slammin' SEO jokes thrown in throughout the podcast.