How to Live a High Performance Life Without the Stress & Pressure


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In Her Financial Shoes Podcast


Lucienne Shakir was a teacher for 12 years and after suffering a nervous breakdown that left her bedbound for a year, took the decision to stop feeling sad about going into work. Lucienne and I have a fascinating discussion about how you can live a high performance life without stress and pressure. In this episode: Why changing your mindset can help you step into the role of entrepreneur Aligning your identity against another person is very unhealthy Finding yourself is a journey not a destination Emotional awareness can increase the bottom line Understanding our cycles can impact our performance Signs of stress and burnout   Resources: Register for Catherine’s FREE Financial Coaching Masterclass Join Catherine’s Facebook Page and FREE Facebook Group My Online Courses – Investing for beginners from £1 Catherine’s YouTube Channel  Connect with Catherine on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook  Connect with Lucienne on Instagram Lucienne’s Website: Lucienne Coaching