How to Make Vegains with Ferdinand Beck AKA Vegainstrength


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Generation V


  Click Here to explore the everyday magic of mushrooms from Four Sigmatic  Get Your Favorite Organic Foods and Products From Thrive Market Delivered Right To Your Door At Up to 50% Off Through this EXCLUSIVE Deal From Generation V     Only a few years after trying veganism on a whim, Ferdinand Beck had put on 20 kg (44 lbs) of solid muscle mass and ditched his acne for good. Today, he’s a social media star promoting vegan fitness to people around the globe. He’s educated and encouraged hundreds of thousands of fans with his contagious enthusiasm, beginner-friendly information, and transformative vegains. In this episode, you’ll hear how Ferdinand stumbled into his plant-based lifestyle and how it radically changed his body and performance. You’ll learn what a vegan athlete eats in a day, why your “why” doesn’t matter as much as you think, and why you need to stick to the nutritional basics. Turn up the volume and get ready to hear what it takes to make plant-powered gains.   “It doesn’t matter for which reason you go vegan; you will stay vegan because of all of the reasons.” -Ferdinand Beck   If you like this episode Screenshot it Post it on your Instagram Story or Twitter Tag Nimai, Bianca, and Generation V! What do you want to hear from the Generation V Podcast? Tell us here! Timestamps: 10:40 - From the cubicle to promoting a passion: How Ferdinand stopped trading his most valuable asset - time - for money 16:07 - It doesn’t matter why you go vegan, because you won’t want to go back. Ferdinand tells the story of how he fell into veganism and how his “why” has evolved 23:42 - It’s just a habit! Basic tips for educating yourself and going vegan 32:06 - Easy recipe swaps to veganize your meals 37:14 - Busting myths about the protein obsession, how to cover your nutrients, and why you need to be eating soy 46:15 - Fruitarianism, fasting, and vegan-keto: Why the quest for human optimization often turns into dangerous restrictions, and how to stick to the basics instead 56:50 - Is veganism really the future? Why it’s likely the only option, and why we need to start acting now Resources: Happy Cow Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen (App Store) Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen (Google Play) The Vegains Podcast   Connect with Ferdinand: Facebook Instagram YouTube Connect with Nimai: Facebook Instagram Youtube ThriveMarket Discount Code: generationv Discount Code: Nimai10