How to Naturally Increase Testosterone by 300% w/ Dan Garner, Andy Galpin, Anders Varner, Doug Larson, and Coach Travis Mash Barbell Shrugged #606


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Dan Garner is the founder of Team Garner, Inc. which offers high-level personalized online training and nutritional coaching for world class results.   His coaching resume is second to none having worked with dozens of professional athletes in 9 different sports. Within his clientele he has worked with three superbowl champions, two UFC title winners, an Olympic gold medialist, two Olympic bronze medalists, three hall-of-fame inductees and two all-time world record breakers.   Additionally, Coach Garner has created the very popular Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship, Ultimate Training Mentorship, and Cutting Edge Strategies for Physique Transformation certificate programs where personal trainers and fitness professionals undergo an online education process to turn their passion for this industry into a successful and thriving career.   In this Episode of Barbell Shrugged:   Why bloodwork, stool samples, urine, and hair create a full health profile How micros are the secret to ultimate performance How to increase testosterone in the shortest amount of time How confidence can be the secret to increased testosterone Specific supplements for increased testosterone   Connect with our guests:   Dan Garner website   Dan Garner Instagram   Dr. Andy Galpin Instagram   Anders Varner on Instagram   Doug Larson on Instagram   Coach Travis Mash on Instagram   ————————————————   Diesel Dad Mentorship Application:   Diesel Dad Training Programs:   Training Programs to Build Muscle:   Nutrition Programs to Lose Fat and Build Muscle:   Nutrition and Training Bundles to Save 67%:   Please Support Our Sponsors   Organifi - Save 20% using code: “Shrugged” at   BiOptimizers Probitotics - Save 10% at   Garage Gym Equipment and Accessories: Save 5% using the coupon code “BBS5OFF”