How to Optimize Brain Health with Neurologists Dean and Ayesha Sherzai


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Generation V


Want Organic Foods and Products From Thrive Market Delivered Right To Your Door? Use The Code “generationv” At Checkout For 25% Off Your First Order   Click Here to explore the everyday magic of mushrooms from Four Sigmatic   Is it possible to grow your brain, increase your lifespan, and greatly decrease your risk of neurodegenerative disease? According to Team Sherzai, you can do all three with a few lifestyle changes, starting with diet and exercise. Boasting Ivy League degrees and fellowships, Doctors Dean and Ayesha Sherzai are renowned neurologists and leading advocates for disease prevention over symptom treatment. They are the co-directors of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University, the authors behind The Alzheimer’s Solution, and keynote speakers who want to help you optimize your brain health and realize your body’s potential. Team Sherzai joins Nimai to dig deep into the realities of neurodegenerative diseases, why a whole-foods plant-based diet is the cornerstone of preventing them, and how you can build lasting habits for a healthy brain. They also break through common misconceptions around disease, stress, and cognitive function. Don’t miss this research-packed, myth-busting episode.    “When all of your brain is fully activated at once… That’s a brain on fire.” -Dr. Dean Sherzai   If you like this episode Screenshot it Post it on your Instagram Story or Twitter Tag Nimai, Bianca, and Generation V! What do you want to hear from the Generation V Podcast?  Tell us here!  Timestamps: 2:09 - How the Sherzais met and created a model to empower women in third world countries through healthcare 11:47 - Why taking a holistic and preventative approach to medicine is imperative, plus what we can learn from one shocking statistic about Loma Linda dementia patients’ diets 20:48 - Are your genes truly responsible for degenerative neurological diseases? Dean and Ayesha explain why most cases of Alzheimer’s are preventable -- and how you can prevent it in yourself 29:24 - Why it’s important to make changes in small increments, and two words you need to cut out of your life ASAP 35:37 - You’re not born motivated. Here’s what it takes to earn it and develop lasting habits 40:04 - How exercise physically grows your brain, plus habit changes you can make today to drastically reduce your chances of developing a degenerative disease 53:13 - Do you really need fish or eggs for cognitive function? The truth about saturated fats, Omega-3s, and how they affect your brain 1:00:57 - Why influence is not the same as credentials, why the keto diet is more dangerous than you think, and how the choices you make today are already affecting your brain 1:10:22 - How is good stress different than bad stress? Hear why you need to be practicing mindfulness and what you can do to unlock full activation of your brain 1:19:22 - How Ayesha and Dean define consciousness as neurologists and why preventative medicine is imperative to strengthening the stories that make us human   Resources: The Women’s Health Care Empowerment Model as a Catalyst for Change in Developing Countries Blue Zones   Connect with Team Sherzai: Facebook Instagram Twitter Connect with Nimai: Facebook Instagram Youtube ThriveMarket Discount Code: generationv Discount Code: Nimai10