How To Set Goals For Abundance in Business


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In Her Financial Shoes Podcast


In today’s episode, Catherine is joined by marketing and mindset coach, Ellie Swift. Ellie joins us from Western Australia to share her expertise on how to set goals for abundance in business. Goal setting is sometimes considered quite a masculine act and often people set goals that have no real vision for their own life. The other challenges when setting yourself goals is not truly believing that you will achieve them, choosing instead to hope and wish for the outcome rather than know that it is going to happen. Ellie shares how grounded goals can help us take those small steps to our big wins with various tips and tricks along the way.   In this episode: Why categorised goals rarely help you to achieve Why embodying the way you will feel when you have achieved the goal will help you to hit those targets How to create moments of abundance when you feel financially stretched The importance of daily mindset work Why not having all the answers about how we will achieve our goals is part of the growth process How to set incremental goals to achieve the bigger vision Why you should prioritise yourself and your goals   Resources: Register for Catherine’s FREE Financial Coaching Masterclass Join The Money Circle Join Catherine’s Facebook Page and FREE Facebook Group My Online Courses – Investing for beginners from £1 Catherine’s YouTube Channel  Connect with Catherine on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Connect with Ellie Swift on Instagram Ellie Swift’s Website Ellie Swift’s Podcast: Shine Online