I Was Strolling On The Moon One Day (238)


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There are only five astronauts alive out of the twelve men that walked on the moon. Their photography and video inspire over 40 years later. I ramble about the needless complexity of gadgets revealed at CES 2018, the new DJI OSMO Mobile 2, the Panasonic GH5s, Canon's CEO admits Canon lags in innovation, analog film's viability is uncertain and the passing of New55 Film, and more. This episode is sponsored by: CrumplePop Visit http://crumplepop.com and check out all of their fine plugins for Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. CrumplePop's plugins are like pixie dust for your video. StoryBlocks Go to http://storyblocks.com/camera to get all the stock images, video, and audio you can imagine for $149. Download anything from thousands of images, videos, and tracks—and unlock discounts on millions more. About the Artful Camera: Website: https://carlolson.tv Send an email or voicemail to Artful Camera: https://carlolson.tv/contact/ Disclaimer: some links referenced in the show notes are affiliate links. The use of affiliate links do not affect the price you pay. Artful Camera earns a small commission from each sale which help offset some of the costs involved in producing this podcast. Thank you for your support.