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Topics include: -Finally ... -“Dumb Niner fans who DON’T want Stafford” -“Deshaun Watson is a once-in-a-lifetime QB” -The Rise and Fall of ... Zandig -Sean Price -“I don’t go out of my way EVER for wrestling anymore” -Necro Butcher —“I want this fu**er to pass away as I’m doing this show now” —“Choose Death motherfu**er” -Sozio: “He plays the contrarian” -“If you wanna die with a fu**ing Gymnasty Boy on your skin defining you ...” —“If White Mike looks best on his fat, disgusting, un-laid fu**ing body ... then hey good for him” -Joey Janela gets butthurt -OJ gets vaccinated —“I guess killing motherfu**ers got old. He wants to keep people safe now”