Innovating out of Limitation | Kendra Slack and Jordan Chlapecka


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Immersion Nation Podcast


This week in the interview, we talk with Kendra Slack and Jordan Chlapecka of Linked Dance Theatre, a group based in New York City that creates immersive experiences that utilize a multitude of mediums in their work, but of course, emphasize dance. We talk about: Their paths and how Linked Dance Theatre somewhat organically broke down that fourth wall. Their most recent in-person immersive experience, ‘Remembrance’. The adventure and challenge of creating ‘Remembrance’ on Governors Island, which is right off the south tip of Manhattan. We discuss the concept of creating an immersive experience in the world of Guillermo del Toro’s ‘The Shape of Water’. And, naturally, touch on a multitude of other topics, including a mid-20th-century group of artists and activists called the Situationists who could very well be considered the philosophical grandparents of the rising Experience Economy. You can find the complete show notes and more details on the guests and experiences at this page on the Immersion Nation Website