Interview: Elliot Callighan


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Hello listener and welcome to another episode of ComposerCast.On this episode, we talked to composer and sound designer, Elliot Callighan. He has recently worked on the the music for the new Trackmania game and is also the owner of Unlock Audio, a company who provide full audio support for game developers.Be sure to check out the work that Unlock Audio do: https://www.unlockaudio.comHave a look at the new Trackmania game by Ubisoft: to Elliot's Trackmania soundtrack on Spotify: the podcast? Join our Discord and come chat with us can now support us on Patreon: We've got different monthly rewards for you to enjoy including shout-outs, early access to new episodes and a Discord server.We use Notion to plan all our podcast episodes. Have a look at our episode planning template in Notion and try it our yourself: up to date and follow @ComposerCast on Twitter. Our DMs are always open: Will on Twitter @willhelliwell1: to the ComposerCast playlist on Spotify containing a mix of all the music we've talked about on our podcast: to be a guest on the podcast or have a topic you think we should discuss? Send us an email to