Introducing... "Losing My Religion"


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Newmarket Alliance

Religion & Spirituality

You may have heard lately of many people "deconstructing" their faith. There are probably things we SHOULD deconstruct ... baggage from our childhood; "sacred cows" and church cultural remnants that should be dispensed with. Here's the problem; Most of the people I know who are "deconstructing" are not RE-constructing. Join us for a series that wrestles with the questions of skeptics, but will challenge us to re-build a faith on the foundation of a God who is good and is pursuing you with His love. I guarantee either you or someone you love is going through this right now (or who perhaps never identified as a Christian and may benefit from joining in on this conversation). This might be the podcast series to send to the skeptic; the "back-slider"; the "de-churched"; the "ex-vangelical"; the agnostic... and see if there is an openness to reconstructing their faith.