Is it work-related fatigue … or the menopause?


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Nursing Standard Podcast


You have a low mood, feel exhausted, irritable and aren’t sleeping well. It may be the demands of nursing work – but could it be the perimenopause or menopause?Menopause specialist and GP Louise Newson talks to Nursing Standard head of news and features Kat Keogh about how to identify these life changes and why they shouldn’t cause women to quit their jobs.Dr Newson explains how to monitor the symptoms of the perimenopause and menopause and prepare for a medical consultation to seek treatment.She also talks about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy to alleviate symptoms and the role of diet, sleep and exercise – while understanding that motivation can be difficult amid the hormonal imbalance!She emphasises that it is possible to have a good menopause and stay in work with the right treatment and lifestyle.Dr Newson is the founder of the and My Menopause Doctor and in 2019 published her first book, Menopause Manual. She is the founder and director of Newson Health menopause and well-being centres in Stratford-upon-Avon.For more episodes of the Nursing Standard podcast, visit See for privacy and opt-out information.