Is mental health important to you?


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Emotional Technology - A Mental Health Podcast


Welcome to Emotional Technology - A Mental Health PodcastMental Health, Mindset and Misunderstanding. Join Anthony Hayes, author of The Science of Being Surviving; Depression, on a journey of Self Discovery. For more information please visit or**A special thank you to Blake Lewis for providing permission for the use of his music as the intro of Emotional Technology.Connect with music by Blake Lewis now via iTunes:Portrait of a Chameleon by Blake Lewis from Blake: Technology Podcast intro music “Survivor” provided by Blake Lewis with expressed written consent and subject to copyright 2014 by Blake Lewis Audio Day Dream Records ** "Survivor" provided with expressed written consent by Blake Lewis. For more information please visit or download entire album "Portrait of A Chameleon" via iTunes right now!PS "We'll never let that get the best of us, When we fight ourselves with love.” -Blake Lewis