It's 2020, Stop Doing These Things!


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Happy New Year and a New Decade!!! Wow we are in the 2020s already! It definitely seemed like this was meant to be way in the future and my biggest disappointment is that the microwaveable mini pizza that turned into a large one in Back to The Future isn't real. As we move into this new decade, there are many things from this past year and decade in general (especially the latter half) that we really need to leave behind. And this episode is all about those things and my highly opinionated point of view on them (and yours as shared on my Instagram - thank you for that!). So what are the things we talk about in this episode that need to be left behind? Mom shaming, unsolicited parental advice, telling moms enjoy every minute of it, trolling people on social media, being flat out role in the name of "woke culture" - seriously so many negative people out there bringing others down - these things really need to be left behind in 2019. I also discuss some other trends that I think we need to get away from - such as recording everyone's bad moments and sharing them on social media to shame them. I give a detailed reason why this needs to be reduced and what the impact I see of this unhealthy habit being trickled down to our kids.  I also discuss some other things that have become super trendy on social media - aka thirst traps! - people talking about them for likes and follows - such as vulnerability and talking about anxiety for the sake of getting likes. The woman supporting woman movement? Mom supporting mom movement? Yeah these need to slow down to realness only as well. And can we please retire the use of letter boards and ridiculous filters on our images?! Why do we need to distort reality to such a high degree? I mean I'm still going to use the Paris filter on Instagram from time to time and definitely will use Lightroom for some images to correct the color - but we can all agree the air brushed photo look that reduces you to having no features and bone structure on your face can go?!? Right? There are some other things we talk about as well that you need to listen to this episode for. Check it out and subscribe to the podcast if you haven't already! Have a great week!