J6 is a Thing that Shouldn't Be A Thing or Swollen Covid Balls!


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S04 E86 | This week Barrett, Trent and Zac welcome Keith back to the show to discuss Nicki Minaj and her claim that her cousin has a friend who got the vaccine and had a "couple" adverse reactions. We also discuss our reaction to Gen. Mark Milley's act of patriotism, calling his Chinese counterpart to keep the United States safe. Trent makes his NFL Winning picks and even more! All of that, and more! As always, the show is Recorded Live from the https://gotsoundsstudio.com/ (G.O.T. Sound Studio) in Columbia, South Carolina! Please Subscribe, Rate and Review! We really want your feed back on the show. Visit Us; (https://theallaboutnothing.com/ (https://theallaboutnothing.com)) You can find details on how you can become a Patron at the top of our homepage! Support this podcast