Jab Waqt Acha Ata Hai, Sab Dost Ban Jatey Hai... Bura Waqt Asliyat Dikhata Hai! | FPZ Ep.4


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In the warm glow of prosperous times, people come together like moths to a flame, a mix of sincere hearts and hidden motives. This delicate dance of status subtly shapes our relationships. Yet, as time gently unfolds, it peels away layers, revealing the true essence of those around us. In this journey, we learn to cherish the loyal friends who stand by us, while cautiously acknowledging the presence of those with less pure motives. In this unfolding narrative, we learn, grow, and find solace in the genuine warmth of real connections, ever mindful of the lessons time gracefully imparts.

Welcome to the 4th episode of "50 +Zindagi" where we explore the many dimensions of Status. This episode unpacks the elusive truth about status, scrutinizes society's heavy emphasis on it, and dissects how it shapes our relationships. Listen to Rupali as she recounts her life experiences and I narrate my rollercoaster journey from fame to downfall. Discover how time unmasks true intentions and gather revitalizing advice on moving beyond the superficial aspects of status to lead a life of meaningful existence. Join Rupali & me for a candid, introspective journey — this is more than just a podcast, it's an invitation to redefine your perspective on status and life.

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About the show: "50 + Zindagi" is an ode to audacity, an invitation to an exhilarating journey that challenges societal norms and age stereotypes. Whether you're an unapologetic 20-year-old determined to launch a business or an enthusiastic 80-year-old wanting to skateboard, this show champions the idea that age shouldn't dictate your life's rhythm. Amidst these life stories, age is but a bystander to the thrill of pursuing dreams and embracing the unknown. "50 + Zindagi" showcases individuals who've defied limitations, coloring their aspirations with endless opportunities. For those who crave to turn dreams into destiny, to sip from the cup of boundless possibilities, "50 + Zindagi" awaits as your companion on this unshackled expedition. Inviting you dear friend to join us on this incredible journey of redefining rules and living life to the fullest.


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0:33 The Truth about Status

0:58 When Society gives Status a lot of Importance

1:50 Building Relationships based on Status

2:38 Rupali’s Past Experience

4:33 Ashish’s Experience from being Famous to his Downfall

5:46 Time Reveals True Colours of People

7:28 Advice for a Great Life


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