Janelle Lynch


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Musings of the Artist: (Honest) Conversations with Montse Andrée


Janelle Lynch is a New York-based artist whose images reveal an inquiry into themes of connection, presence, and transcendence.She uses an 8x10-inch view camera, and her recent work is deeply informed by her training in perceptual drawing and painting.Janelle’s photographs are in many private and public collections, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the International Center of Photography, New York; and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.She has three monographs published by Radius Books: Los Jardines de México (2010); AIGA award-winning Barcelona (2013), which also features her writings; and Another Way of Looking at Love (2018).In this deeply honest conversation Janelle speaks about influence in art, her practice, her expanded view of the word “family”, and ambiguous grief. If you’d like more of this conversation there is a written interview with Janelle here.This episode was audio produced by Aaron Moring. Music is by Madisen Ward.