Jesus Did Not Call Us to “Like” Him, but to Follow Him


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Greg talks about the nonchalant attitude many Christians have about serious sin and warns about a desire to please the world (Mark 15:15), then he answers a question about whether the rapture can be found in the Bible.   Topics: Commentary: LGBT Bible study is a contradiction in terms. We don’t change our theology to match our behavior. We change our behavior to match our good theology. (00:00) Is the rapture biblical? Should I continue attending a church that teaches the rapture? (00:33) Mentioned on the Show:  Reality Student Apologetics Conference – September 24–25 in Orange County, CA; October 15–16 in Seattle, WA; November 12–13 in Minneapolis, MN; February 25–26, 2022 in Dallas, TX; April 22–23, 2022 in Augusta, GA Related Links: The Rap on the Rapture What do you think about the pre-trib rapture? Questions about the Rapture