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On this episode, Rob’s special guest is Jodie Hough from RealiTV and Mom’s on the Rocks. Jodie’s Twitter @realiTVpod Jodie’s Patreon Jodie's Website Rob Southgate’s Twitter @RSouthgate Email Website Patreon Pinterest Learn more, subscribe, or contact us at You can write to Rob at and let us know what you think. Be sure to rate us and review the episode. It really helps other people find us. Thanks! Transcription 00:00:00 This is a really difficult question. Oh, that's a great question. That's a good question. That is a great question. It's a really good question. I love this question. And I think this really is going to help me kind of meditate and grow on it. Want to hear the answers checkout season two of new media lab with Robert Southgate new episodes every Tuesday available on Spotify. I tunes. Google hod Cass and wherever you subscribe to your favorite podcasts. Welcome back to new media lab. I am your host route Southgate. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable time me this week's guest is Jody hawk from reality and bombs on the rocks. She calls herself a new, but she's one hundred twenty six episodes into work show with this point close all that patriot content. She does I would say she is solidly in the camp of the podcast professional at this point before we get to the interview, I do have a little business. I want to take care of. I we have a patriot on page where you can directly support this show and help keep us going. Join our newest patrons Scott from the gaming outsider podcast right now by going to patriot dot com slash new media lab and becoming a patron right away. And hey, while you're at it checkout. Scott's fantastic podcast, the gaming outsider. And let them know. You heard about it on this show. Thank you so much for that support Scott. 00:01:38 A show like this is best when the audience and host or engaged with each other. In other words, getting conversation with me, either through Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, patriotic or anyplace else. You can find me the Email for this show is Southgate small business at gmaiLcom, send me your comments and questions, and I promise you all respond. You can find new media lab on Facebook by searching at new media lab show. You can follow me on Twitter at our Southgate or an Instagram at rob Southgate. Our networks website is Southgate media group dot com where you can find this as well. As over a hundred other podcasts, plus blogs, videos and more finely, follow our newest endeavor on Twitter at Indy podcast project and be sure to use the hashtag support. Indie podcasts when posting your own shows or sharing anything podcast related. This week's guest. Has Jodi haw from reality v and mom's on the rocks. Jody share some wonderful insights and tactics. You'll quickly come to realize how her podcasts have become so successful so quickly. Enjoy Jodi can you describe your podcast reality is your source for snarky reality TV. Recaps I cover everything from a I need to Bravo. Tv TLC to MTV even shows on Netflix. What I do is. I break all down all the shows that we love and love to hate. I like to think that I'm your best friend, or your inner voice, just nudging you along saying all things that you're thinking at the most cringe worthy of moments. I also have a patriotic a podcast that just. 00:03:29 I guess reaches off of reality. I've more freedom there. I talk about all different kinds of topics and then six months ago, I launched another podcast called moms on the rocks. A completely different topic than reality. Which is reality TV. Recaps mom's on the rocks. We like to say, it's not your mom's podcast, and I have a co host Kerry Gillan. She is the host of sip and shine podcast. She's located in DC, so we record remotely. But my my baby is reality. And when did you start podcasting just a little over a year ago? I started in my dining room in the middle of September two thousand seventeen and at first I was just recording one episode a week. And then I started recording five episodes a week. And then I realized that my kids won't raise themselves and that went back to just one episode a week. So I've been added a little over a year. Are you a celebrity? Not at all. If you could only see the stains on my t shirt right now, not in any way at my celebrity is anybody associated with your podcast a celebrity? No now, we're just normal people. Do you think gaining audience today is the same as when you started? I know it's been a short time. But in that short time, I mean things are rapidly evolving. Do you think it's the same? This is a really difficult question. I think it's a yes. And no, I think the platforms that exists where you really have to get yourself out there. In hustle is the same that it was like you said it's just been a little over a year. Those are the same. And I'm referring to Facebook, creating Facebook groups Twitter Instagram, of course, you want to get your podcast on different podcasts platforms. However, I think from what I've seen in a short period of time is that every month that goes by. 00:05:31 Why more people are trying their hand at launching their own podcast trying it out. I know I am not the only podcast or I consider myself a newbie still that I have people reaching out to me at least once or twice a month him, a how do you get started? What do you do what are the first steps? So I just think the podcasting world is becoming really saturated with startups, which is great. But every month that goes by there's more and more people in it. So you really have to make yourself very unique. And I think that can be incredibly difficult every month that goes by what are three key things that you have done to grow your audience. I love this question. And I think this really is going to help me kind of meditate and grow on it. And really look at what was it that made my podcast grow so quickly. I had no idea that I would be where I am today. I still think I'm kind of a newbie, and I am not a big celebrity podcasts are but for me. I feel like I'm way farther along than I thought and number one. The very biggest thing for me was Facebook surprisingly, having a closed Facebook group where all my listeners can kind of close the door behind them and speak their mind, all of their comments, everything we talk about in the closed Facebook group cannot be seen by their Facebook friends of their family. So that little Safed room where people can talk about the most vapid of things reality TV and not be completely embarrassed that their friends and family are seeing it that has been absolutely essential. The second thing would be ready. 00:07:25 Later episodes. You've got to be consistent and releasing new content that is fresh and timely recording an episode in sitting on it for a couple of weeks or a couple months and releasing it at least in my John RIA that would never fly. I've never gone seven days without releasing a new episode, and I think after time what happens you're consistently giving fresh content is your listeners start to really recognize respect your hustle at it. And that is where I really strongly feel that connection starts happening that moment when your listeners realize, oh, wow. This podcast is giving me a lot. It's thanksgiving weaker it's Christmas week and they're still releasing an episode. And that's where they want to support you in return and be returned listener. And that's where we get into patriotic which I can talk about in a bit. But the third thing. Of course is having Instagram and Twitter, even having your podcasts on YouTube. There are ways to do it. You know, people can look that up. But you'd be surprised how many people listen on YouTube, even though it's a visual platform from what I've been told from listeners, it's because they can listen at work and not be noticed. They don't have their phone out, and that kind of thing, but I think you have to be easily. This may not be a word, but it is now findable on all of those social media platforms. But then you can use Instagram Twitter, of course, to announce your new episodes, and then you're consistently attracting new listeners with your hashtags. Great answer, what are three keys social media practices that you've done to build audience. I know that you kind of answered it in the last one. 00:09:18 Yeah. What what do you think about it? Number one, another podcast or who ended up being my co host. On mom's on the rocks. Gave me this advice starting out. And I never really would have given it too much thought I would have figured it out. But far too late is you don't really want to over promote yourself. So for example, every I just call like podcast pimps, you know, where you're saying. Hey, new episode or checkout, my topic, whatever it might be you really have to balance that out with three personal things. Because really what it is people want to know you. Yes, you might be talking about whether you're talking on a true crime, John rea- or a business or marketing people are listening for you. So you have to balance out your podcast and also letting people get to know you. Secondly, I think you have to find your tribe. It sounds cliche. But it's so true. What I mean by that is fellow podcasters? You have to start following other podcasts or podcasters, whether they separate themselves from their podcast brand who you really truly enjoy look at who they're following. And I don't just mean the the big guys in the field. Find other independent podcasters newbies. Just like yourself and start interacting with them. I've actually found some of my best friends that way, you're all in this together. You're finding your tribe, sir. Tagging them tagging them in things you become podcast buddies. And then from that, of course, the networking opportunities, and the camaraderie, just explodes and really that some of the most incredible gifts, I found inserting and Thirdly, you've got to interact with your listeners. I'll just say in the past. I would follow podcasters that I listened to. 00:11:18 Even before I started podcasting. And I was looking for not necessarily an individual shoutout or connection with them. But I would start to see that. They would say oh, join this face group Facebook group or follow me on Twitter, but they would never interact and I quickly lost interest. So I think you have got to interact yet. If you make your own Facebook group get in there and interact with people know, your listeners names. My phone is constantly coming up with alerts because people are tagging me on things they feel like they know me. I don't think you really wanna be necessarily seen as though leader. You know, you're all in this together with your listeners, they feel like they're part of the podcast. They are your friend. What is the secret to your podcast success? Hi to stop and think about this one for a little bit. What it comes onto? I'm just me. I'm jody. I'm not trying to be like other podcasters in my John. Rowe who also recap reality shows, I'm not trying to disarm. I there's some pockets. I absolutely adore and I would fan girl out if I ever met them. But he I really just stay true. To who? I am. I don't circle in the New York or the L A podcasters circles. I'm in the Chicago suburbs. E-e-e-e-no really sets me apart. I think is I really don't want to. I should rephrase that now that I don't want to. I really don't have a desire to be come famous or get in with the talent or gets no famous people. It's just not what I do. I feel like I'm behind my microphone, and it's my little confessional. I talk crap about the ridiculous people that put their lives on TV. So then to turn and talk to them on the podcast and say, oh, thank you so much for coming. And I'm a big fan. I can't do that. That's not me my listeners. 00:13:25 No. That's not me. I speak my mind. I say the truth. I say that I say what we're all thinking. So being honest, just letting my natural sarcasm and all my weird quirks, my bazaar, observational humor that I don't think anyone is going to get my what's the word. I'm looking for. I can't even think of it. Okay. There's an example right there. My listeners would be screaming saying, okay. I know what you're trying to say it, you know, they just know who I am in that interaction with listeners is the secret sauce because whatever you're lacking they are going to forgive you for that. And if you are trying to be something that you are not behind the microphone listeners pick up on that. As with each of these interviews, I try to leave with three key takeaways. The three that's it out for me from Jodi our number one run a private Facebook group. We've heard this before it's all about that engagement number to find your tribe. This was interesting a lot of times when people say that they're talking about finding their audience cheap end by other podcasters, do what you do in with those podcasters number three interact with your listeners I've been following Jody. I've been looking at her patriotic of looking at Facebook. She is all over it. Whenever somebody posts something. She's right there talking to them. She lives it. I think she's right. I think we need to limit too. So what are your takeaways? What did Jodi say that affected your business and your content creation going forward? Share your thoughts on the Facebook thread this. 00:15:20 Episode of that new media lab show. I would love to read your insights, you can find Jody at reality podcast dot com. Get bonus episodes ad free episodes free merchandise, so much more and her patriotic page patriot dot com slash reality. Pop. Make sure to follow Jodi Facebook, join Facebook group, find her shows on your favorite podcast app via apple podcast, Google podcast or Spotify or tune it be sure to subscribe. Shows great reviews while you're at it. Please subscribe to new media lab with Robert Southgate wherever you listen to podcasts. You can Email me at Southgate small business at gmaiLcom. New media lab is on Facebook, simply search for at new media lab xo our networks website is Southgate native dot com where you can find this as well. 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The next episode of creators lab will drop next Tuesday. And we'll be back with our next guest on new media lab Thursday until then get out there three.