Journey through engineering, marketing and product with Ed Shelley - Product Ramble 02


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Product Ramble


I truly enjoyed my conversation with Ed Shelley – Director of Product Management at Chartmogul. He shared his insights from following a very unique path – from engineering, through product management, then to marketing and finally back to product. Enjoy!Detailed notes and links to resources mentioned: of goodness ahead:* (0:00) Welcome to Product Ramble!* (1:15) Ed’s road to product management* (6:27) Learning the craft of product management* (9:38) Skills needed for a tech to become a product manager* (11:38) Advice to engineers moving to product* (15:33) Move from Product Management to Marketing* (19:09) How being in Marketing differs from Product and learning new skills* (22:50) How his product experience influenced the way he did marketing* (26:16) Mistakes product people do working with other teams in a company* (35:05) Back to Product - is he better PM due to his Marketing experience?* (41:02) Tools Ed recommends for product managers and startups* (45:42) Books that Ed recommends * (49:09) Come say hi to Ed* (50:21) Tell your friends!Say Hi to Ed:* Twitter: @Mr_Ed (* Ed’s website: * Ed hosts a podcast SaaS Open Mic (ChartMogul) Say hi to me!* Please let me know what I can do better next time! ( or your social network of choice) * Subscribe - don’t miss the next episode coming in January * Tell one friend - help others learn from and enjoy the podcast Music credits:The Pyre Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License