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Rock 'n' Roll Success & Motivation Show


Tim Gillette is Speaker/ Author/ Coach/ Radio Show host and creator of The Rock 'n' Roll Keys to business success. Today Judy Schriener is an award-winning journalist, author and radio show host who gives people a behind-the-scenes look at how successful people think and feel, at the challenges they’ve overcome and the strategies they’ve employed to become the people they are. Judy hosts a radio show every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Toginet.com called “Off the Record with Judy,” where she interviews one person each week in depth.  In her nearly 30 years as a journalist, Judy has interviewed literally thousands of successful people and has written countless profiles of businesses and business leaders, including snarky defense lawyers, heads of both small businesses and mega-billion-dollar corporations, owners of NFL teams, and entrepreneurs. She has delved into ugly lawsuits, covered companies that have gone from #1 in their markets to bankruptcy, and has traveled worldwide both professionally and personally. She was one of the few women who traveled alone to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to cover the reconstruction and oil field fires after the first Gulf War. Her first book, co-authored with architect Mike Kephart, is Building for Boomers: Guide to Design and Construction, published by McGraw-Hill.   The most common thing Judy hears from people, whether she’s interviewing them for a story or talking with them on a plane or just having coffee, is “I’ve never told anyone this, but….” She is currently working on her second book…on getting your man – whether husband, lover, friend, boss, client or relative – to really talk to you.