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What happens when you are suddenly laid off from your corporate job with bills to pay and a family to take care of?You start selling T-shirts online….That’s the story of my guest this week, Kerry Egeler. Even though he had that entrepreneurial spark in him, he didn’t know where to start or fund a business. He always thought it needed a lot of money and skills.It took being laid off from the corporate job to figure out that he wanted to try something new. He sought advice from his brother in law who was a successful online entrepreneur, and that’s how he launched his t-shirt business.But it was not easy. At first, Kerry went from 0-30k in sales over the first three months only to go back to $6k in the fourth month. He learned from his mistakes, and his business took off.Today, he helps other entrepreneurs through Shirt School, an online course and community. Kerry has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to start, grow and scale an online T-shirt and apparel business.Tune in to hear his incredible story and how he successfully weathered challenges to help other entrepreneurs run their own successful online businesses.  Key Takeaways- It costs nothing to ask advice from a friend (03:08)- How to launch a successful T-shirt business on Shopify (06:23)- Realistic margins on Print on Demand revenue (12:19)- The No.1 mistake people make on Print on Demand (16:34)- 3 biggest keys for a sustainable brand (17:55)- Organic Vs. paid Traffic: which is better (20:36)- Accelerating growth through coaching programs/mastermind/mentorship (21:50)- Start Now! - Imperfect action trumps perfect inaction (24:10)Additional ResourcesConnect with Kerry Egeler:Instagram: can find the transcripts and more at http://bizninjaradio.comBe sure to follow me on Instagram @bizninja