Kim's Draft Pick is Ten Again!


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S04 - E84 | It's another week of Zac, Trent and Barrett as we go live on (Facebook) thanks to the genius of NiqueTheGeek and the (G.O.T. Sounds Studio) in Columbia, South Carolina! This week we let Zac rant on Chiropractors, while Trent and Barrett let him dig his hole. Zac tells us about how four fifths of his family went to a chiropractor and were told to drink down a mix of water and Epson salt. A trip to Blockbuster was shortened by the effects. We also have Trent pick in a double blind pull for Barrett and Zac's Fantasy Football League (Western Philosophy on Grass)! We tell the story of how we have one individual who continues to get picked to draft last. The surprise; she got picked to draft last again! All of that, and more! As always, the show is Recorded Live from the G.O.T. Sound Studio in Columbia, South Carolina! Please Subscribe, Rate and Review! We really want your feed back on the show. Visit Us; ( ( You can find details on how you can become a Patron at the top of our homepage! Support this podcast